November 14, 2012
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Their first pose is casual. Both of their long, pale limbs hang casually in an elegant stance. The room is full of fast-moving lead and artistic glances.
"Change" somone in the back orders. The man and the woman shift their blank bodies into tense fetal positions. Slight murmurs dominate the circle and fade into the sounds of scribbling pencil.
'Just relax' the woman thought to herself, 'I need this money.'
The woman put her fingers on her shoulders and leaned her torso back smoothly. She snuck a look at the male model. He prodded his biceps before flexing them for the appreciative female artists in the group.
The woman rolled her eyes.
"Remain still please." An old, scrunchy faced woman leaned from behind her easel and exchanged a firm look with the fidgeting model.
The woman crossed her arms and sat down on the marble platform with her pearl back to the demanding canvas. The man raised both of his toned arms with one slightly bent, the other pointing to the ceiling.
'Someones enjoying themselves,' the woman secretly thought and giggled to herself.
"Hold position," repeated a familiar voice.
"Change." And the living mannequins moved once again.

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