The Silence

November 15, 2012
The Silence

“Oh god” My back is pressed against the grimy, sticky brick wall beside the dumpster. Its three o’clock, pitch black. I just ended my shift at the waffle house. I had parked in the back beside and abandoned mattress store that had been shut down 5 years ago.

I worked a part time job for some extra cash. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday I usually came in around 9 and cleaned up, sometimes I even cooked, so why would tonight be any different? It was a Saturday; my friend had asked me to fill in and me being the welcome mat that I was said yes with a smile on my face; Biggest mistake of my life.

Breathing heavy, I began to cry out “help! Oh God please!” No one could hear me over the nearby highway and Kelly Clarkson, who played on the jukebox inside. I am all alone. But not by myself; he presses the gun to my temple while his other hand grasps my throat, tightening his fingers until I can no longer breathe.

“I TOLD YOU TO BE QUIET!” he grumbles at me through clenched teeth. I sob and shake my head. I can’t see his face! I can’t see anything. He knocked my glasses off in the process of yanking my out of my car. I had just sat down; I hadn’t even had the chance to pull my door close before I felt his hands dragging me into the night. Grabbing my ponytail he slung me to the ground, I felt the sharp pang in my temple before I knew what was even happening.

Blinded, I try to push him away. “I have no money just let me go! Please!” I squirm underneath him.

“SHUT UP DAMNIT! I feel his balled up fist strike my side leaving my breathless; and then again in my face, knocking me to the ground. I am helpless as I try to crawl away not getting very far. He grabs my leg and pulls me back; the asphalt rubbing painfully against my cheek.

“I’m not looking for cash lady…STOP FIGHTING!”
I cry out louder but still no one comes to help me. The man grabs my shirt and lifts it to my eyes as if I wasn’t already blind. I feel his rough palms travel up my bare skin and I know this is it. I am going to die today.

It will be on the news. “19 year old Anna grey, was found dead behind Mattress Way today; her body crammed in a dumpster. More information tonight!

“Please” I beg knowing that it’s not going to make a difference. Suddenly more and more of my clothes are removed; I shiver. He doesn’t say a word; I hear his belt jingle and then the faint zipping sound as he undoes his fly. I thrash against him but it’s just another failed attempt. And then nothing, all goes silent. A horrible, aching silence.

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