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November 15, 2012
By , sdfuyhgyusd, Zimbabwe
“Kyle get, up it’s time to go” said my mom in excitement.

“What time is it?” I crooked.

“Time to go, get up,” said my mom. As I got up I realized today is Easter so today is the trip to New Hampshire! When I got down stairs I was waiting for breakfast when my dad said, “Get in the R.V.”

“But what about breakfast?” I said in disappointment.

“No time, we are going to eat on the way.”

“It’s an eight hour drive,”
As I got in the R.V. my dad was waiting to go and my mom had the map.
I said to my mom “let’s stop at Mc Donald’s before we leave”

As we were on the highway I was thinking, we should stop at every state to get a souvenir. The last thing I remember I was sleeping.
“Wake up Kyle, look it’s New York.” As I looked out the window saw the Empire State Building. “It is so big!” I said with excitement. As we passed I put in a movie and tried to go back to sleep.
Next time I woke up we were in Rhode Island and we were stopped at a truck stop. My mom was getting out of the R.V. and I said “can I go in?”
“Yes you can” she said.
As I walked in I saw this stand with pins that had states on them. So I begged my mom to get them. “Mom, can I get one, please?”
My mom said “yes” so I went up to the guy and bought one for New Hampshire.
Then I went back to the R.V and went to sleep.
I woke up to the smell of a camp fire and I new we were there finally.

As I opened the door I saw my mom cooking some hot dogs on the fire. And the thought of the taste made my mouth water. I ran up to my mom and said “Are they done yet?”

“Yes, do you want one?” she said.
“Yes great” I said

And as I bit into it, hot cheese shot into my mouth.

Then I spi5t it out right on the ground and ran to the sink and started to drink from it when my dad walked in. He looked mad and said, “Don’t waste food!”

“Sorry” I said,

“It was hot!”

“That’s ok” he said,” Let’s go canoeing.”

So as I was walking I thought about the ride and how it was really long. And I realized that I am not patient and I really don’t want to ride home.

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