Learn to Move On

November 13, 2012
By , Wayne, PA
Her name was Victoria. She was the captain of the cheer leading squad and student council president. She always had her posy with her, a group of her closest friends. They loved Victoria. They loved her for who she was and not for having a lot of money.
Victoria also had a twin, an identical twin. The two girls were so alike that no one could tell them apart. Sometimes they would flip classes and no one ever know that they switched.
His name was Josh. He had no friends. He was in no clubs. He couldn't draw or play any instruments. No one knew who Josh was. He got distracted very easily. It was the first week of school and he was already losing all his books and work. Josh was constantly leaving his math homework in his literature class.
Josh had his whole locker in his hands: books, papers, pens, and his calculator. He had a locker, but he was so disorganized that he had carried everything with him that he was supposed to have in his locker, so his locker was totally empty. One day, Josh was trying to find his pencil without dropping all of his crap. Victoria was roaming the hallways getting everyone pumped for the back to school pep rally and all the new things that were happening at school that they had not had in the past.
While Victoria was getting everyone pumped up for the back to school pep rally and Josh was trying to find his pencil, they accidentally bumped into each other. Josh dropped his books, paper, and his lunch. His glasses fell off of his face. They looked each other straight in the eye. Josh’s face turned extremely red and his glasses broke when they fell off.
“Sorry,” Josh said awkwardly and nervously.
“Sorry, I’m so so sorry,” Victoria said in a comforting voice, “What's your name? My name is Victoria.”
Victoria was trying to comfort Josh because he was so nervous talking to her. He was very anxious.
Josh said quietly, “My name is Josh.”
Victoria helped pick up all of his books, papers, pens, and his calculator.
Victoria said, “You know, I can help you get organized if you would like.”
“I can’t turn that down I do need a lot of help getting organized,” Josh said.
So he they decided to meet each other every day at Victoria’s house. Since they had spent so much time with each other they fell in love. The two opposites falling in love was strange. People only dated other if they were alike at their school.
Josh and Victoria changed each other. He made friends which was something he had never done before because he had always been extremely shy. Victoria learned how to be quieter and not to talk as much. She is always talking.
Victoria never missed a day of school. She loved school and learning. She had a perfect attendance since kindergarten. One day she missed and Josh got scared. He had called her cell phone and she didn't answer. He called her home phone and both of her parent’s phones and her sister’s phone and know one answered.
Josh decided to miss school that day to go to her house. He wanted see what was going on with her. Josh finally pulled up three houses down from Victoria’s house and saw lots of police officers and yellow caution tape around her house. Josh parked and saw Victoria’s dad in a police car. Her dad was seemed very shaky and was a nervous wreck. After that he saw Victoria’s mom on outside on the ground crying. She didn't seem her normal self.
Josh rushed right over to Victoria’s mom and asked her what had happened and where Victoria was. Right after he had asked that he noticed people putting a girl on a stretcher into an ambulance. Josh couldn't tell if it was Victoria or her twin. He asked what happened, but Josh couldn't tell what she was saying because she was crying so hard and there were lots of noises.
Josh got his girlfriend’s mom to calm down and to take deep breaths. Josh had said slower and in a comforting voice “So OK what happened?”
Victoria’s mom said “Victoria got stabbed by her dad because she was trying to protect me. He tried to kill me. I don’t know why...” She started crying again.
Josh didn't know what to think of it all. He started crying. Josh calmed down after a few minutes. He noticed the police car with his girlfriend’s dad in it was leaving. Victoria’s dad never got out of jail.
Josh left Victoria’s house. That was the last time he ever saw Victoria’s family. He was too scared to see her family because he thought seeing their faces will make him to upset. Josh only had one girlfriend after Victoria died. They eventually got married. Josh lived a happy life.

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