High School Really Freaking sucks...and i do too :(

November 7, 2012
By KewlBeans12 BRONZE, Lakewood, Washington
KewlBeans12 BRONZE, Lakewood, Washington
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Am i seriously crying over my insecurities? probably, i'm pretty sure since my mascara is NOT waterproof under my eyes is a muddled black mess.

Yep, i'm am seriously crying over those things. on my little sisters bottom bunk crying over... silly stuff.

My gap, well it's been really hard making friends this year. probably because i have a giant gap in my teeth and am super ugly and shy.

Yeah, oh my grades are crappy enough for me to be upset too. yeah, i'm on my way to failing geomettry if i don't ask for help.

Oh, did i mention i'm fat and i hate high school? no, i did not. since my parents are numbsuckles they decided to send me to the same high school in the district they've been complaining about for years. i'm still in this crappy apartment in the ghetto side of this high priced town. my brother whos shall i say 13 months older than me and a sophmore is a total jerk who doesn't give a crap about what he says about me. he's consistently making stuff up to his "cool" friends and i'm done. did i also say that all my best friends have moved away so i'm starting this one way hole to hell on my own. well except for my new replacement best friend who will move according to one of my most recent dreams. she BEGGED her mother to transfer and then she did, and now she hates the school so she's transferring back to her ghetto school in January because she's a one freaking way quitter.

Yep, so i'm alone, fat, ugly, gap toothed, annoying, and hated, oh and stupid, so yeah i should just about go and hang myself.

Kidding, my parents would never let me live that down. i'm sick and tired of everyone in my life leaving. leaving for what?! nobody or no best friend of family memeber stays for over a year. it saddens me. aside from me already getting off topic, i also have no idea what i'm going to do with the rest of my life. not a clue. nope. i have ideas but really? who really gets to live out their dreams? the illumnati princesses who sell their souls? yeah, that type. so i'll probably graduate, get a job at mcdonalds and live on welfare.

Thats my life plan i guess. oh yeah, this tiny font is really ticking me off. let me change it. there we go... now back to whatever i was talking about. yeah thats what i was talking about. my parents are always telling us to take up for one another and no matter how much i take up for shawn he never has my back. well nobody does but we're family. FAMILY. not half brothers not step sisters. i'm his sister he should look out for me. he's my brother. my whole family is dealing with bull and daddy is always talking crap about how we're going to mover out of this hell-hole one day and crap but come on...? who really believes this? its ridiculous. so yeah, right now i have nothing else to rant about so yeah...

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ignore the spelling... this is also the clean version you could probably see where the dirty words would go anyway... lol so yeah...

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