Life is made with Twists and Turns

November 2, 2012
Sitting in the hair salon waiting for my hair dresser, when I saw this lady come in, I immediately thought this would be a great person to stare at, she seemed nice and funny laughable, and full of life, I started to stare at her for a while she was getting her hair done, I knew she had a vibe that someone was staring at her but I kept staring. As she was about to look my way, I turned my head the other way really fast thought I was going to get caught she Started to just lay there while the conditioner sat in her hair, she smiled at me, I thought I got caught again, I laughed at myself while I kept looking at her. As Mrs.Alice came towards her she whispered something in my ear. Mrs. Alice just smiled and laughed; I couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

After about 5 minutes I had to get my hair washed and Mrs.Alice asked me why do you keep staring at her? I told her it was a assignment and she shook her head and laughed. She couldn’t believe it she put 2 of her daughters in front and laughed I heard her finally tell her children to come over to me the two twins girls came up to me “Why do you keep staring at my mom” I smiled and bended down to their level they looked at me weird, after the 15 minutes was over I laughed and she came up to me and asked me finally “why do you I keep staring I finally told her and Mrs. Alice came up to us and laughed as well, she told me “she thought I had a problem and was going to say something after the first 10 minutes but she told herself to calm down “ I laughed once again for the thousandth time that day. She sat in the brown tained looking chair and smiled she started to stare at me I laughed but turned my head as I was about to turn back looking at her she started to say something “you had an assignment so do I “ I looked at her weirdly like she had something on her face Mrs. Alice tried to laugh but she couldn’t she just shook her head again I walked over to her two twin daughters and smiled at them and laughed her daughters asked me “what’s wrong “ I said nothing and asked them do they want to play blocks with me they laughed and reminisced about what they mom was telling them I laughed at everything they were adorable they had ponytails with sandy brown hair and light green eyes but the 2 twin had much of a little attitude she looked the same as the 1st twin but she was a more chunkier than her. I looked over at their mom and she was still staring at me I smiled and thought about how it felt when I was staring at her I went right back to what I was doing me and the twins played games and laughed and joked there mom was getting zillions so I knew I was going to being stared at for a while. I sighed at myself thinking great . after the next 15 minutes she stopped and laughed and said to me “ see how it feels “ and she walked away I couldn’t help but laughed again.
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