Walmart Run

October 31, 2012
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I raced into Walmart with an anxious, excited look on my face. I couldn’t let anyone know I was there for something I shouldn’t be, I had to chill. It was time to get my supplies. See tonight was the night I decided m finally going to kill my husband. I’ve recently discovered he has been cheating on me. Who knows how long it’s actually been going on. I kind of expected this. So there was no shock when I first put the pieces together. He’ll pay for this though.
I ran over to the buggies and chose my chariot to happiness. This was the best shopping trip of my life. Usually grocery shopping is a chore but tonight I had a wonderful glow on my face. I skipped down the aisles like a kid in the candy store. Picking up all kinds of poison, I heard rat poison was a usual tool in murder so I made sure to get lots of that. Heading to the hardware section I was still smiling. I stared at the ropes for a while. I needed a nice fabric. I need something thick but not too thick, rough but not too rough. Something I can tie easily but can hold a 250 pound man down too. I found the perfect one. Mighty Knot industrial rope, great.
I didn’t even have a plan. I was just getting anything I could use to kill Carl. Carl is my soon to be ex husband. I use too love that guy til he decided he wanted to show his assistant some “extra attention”. Now he will pay!!! Her too, but I’ll worry about that another day.
I walked to stand in the line. I was the fourth person in line. Before me was a middle aged guy who dressed like a cowboy. His hair was brown and long, and he was overweight so his fat was stuffed into his pants. In his hand was beef jerky and mountain dew, a lot of it. Before him was an elderly woman who only had silver hair curled up like old ladies do. She was buying hard candy and toilet bowl cleaner. And the couple in front appeared to be newlyweds. I could tell by the affection they were showing. Plus they were buying silver wear and house hold items. Usually seeing people happy made me happy, but observing that kind of love disgusted me right now.
I waited patiently for my turn in line. My excitement slowly started to fade. I wasn’t as anxious to kill Carl anymore. I thought about all the memories we had and how much we been through. How could I kill I guy ive been with for 11 years! I decided not to kill him. We can get through this. I went to return all the poisins and ropes and anything else I picked up to their shelves and walked out of the store with my hands in my pockets. I had a small smile. I guess I was proud of myself.
I pulled up in the drive way at about 10:00pm ready to see Carl. Of course he wasn’t here, probably still with his assistant. I made dinner. His favorite, Steak and potatoes. I waited for carl to get home, we needed a talk. He arrived about an half hour after dinner was ready. He didn’t seem normal when I tried to speak with him, unlike him self.

I started the conversation by telling him I knew about him and his assistant. He didn’t seem shocked at all. He said “oh yeah?” like it wasn’t a big deal at all! As the conversation progressed I realized he didn’t care how upset I was about it. I started to act just like he did. Like I didn’t care. Even though rage started to errupt within me all over agin and I regret keaving all that poisin at the store.
We sat at the dinner table in silence for a while then he took a huge spoon full of potatoes. He started to turn her and pound his fist on his chest. His eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground. I ran over. Talking to him trying to keep him alive. Yelling his name and aslapping his cheeks. I called 911 and waited patiently. He died before they came. They carted him out the door and the EMS told me the poor greedy shmuck had a heart attack. I guess you die either way when you try to have mine and your assistants steak and potatoes.

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jettabugThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 5, 2012 at 5:58 pm
Overall, you've got a really good storyline going. Your title, "Walmart Run" really intrigued me into reading your piece. However, when I read it, it sounded VERY abrupt and the decisions made by the main character were decided unrealistacally quick, it seemed. Please keep writing; I love your work!
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