My dog spike

October 30, 2012
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One Saturday evening, Mary was sitting in her room listening to some music. She thinks she hears someone yelling her name. She doesn’t pay any attention to it at first, but then she hears it again. Her mother is crying, No idea of what is going on Mary starts to walk slowly to her bedroom doorway. “Mary!” her mother shouts. Mary runs down the stairs, asking “Mom, Where are you? Are you okay?”. She gets no response, “Mom, answer me!!” Mary yells. Her mother is found at the back door with a shocked look on her face. Mary walks outside, she has no idea of what is going on. “It’s Spike” Her mother says in a calm way. She looks at her mother as if a million little needles where stuck in her face and they wouldn’t come out. She was there, staring at her dog. He was there for her when she was sick, he protected her and he always stayed by her side. She could not believe her eyes, her dog just laying there in the road. Helpless and cold. She is devastated; Mary sits by Spike’s cold, injured body and is balling her eyes out. “Goodbye Spike, I will always love you!” She says.

Mary is in such deep hurt from the incident, she has stayed in her room since that day it happened. She has blocked everyone out of her life. Her mom is the only one she can talk to at this point in her depression. She was sitting there thinking about Spike. He was no ordinary dog; He was family for 11 years and will always be a part of her heart. She knows that people think she may be overreacting about this whole situation, He’s just a dog and he’s not worth your tears, Well that is wrong. If they have ever had a relationship like her and her dog had they would feel the same way. Spike was a beautiful Labrador dog, He was very old but he was the nicest dog you could ever have in your life and now that he’s gone, what does she have left?

She was starting to get her life back together. She was now thinking only the good things about spike and how he was in a better place now. Her life was going great, all until her mother gets home and is in such a sad mood and looks like she has been crying. “What’s wrong? Is something wrong?” Mary asks. “Come have a seat, Sweetie” her mother replies. “On my way home today, I saw this beautiful dog playing with his family and they threw the Frisbee across the street.” “And what’s wrong with that” Mary interrupts. “Well I was trying to break when he ran across to go get it and I accidently hit him”. Mary had a shocked looked on her face. It was the exact same face she had when her dog, Spike was hit by a car. Mary looked at her mom gave her a kiss on the cheek and went up to her room. She didn’t want to upset her mother more than she already was. Mary’s had tears running down her eyes, reminiscing about Spike. She knew she had to get over it one day, but that day wasn’t coming anytime soon.

Mary can not help the fact that the death of her dog is affecting her so much. She knows he is a dog and it has been a month since it happened but its hard to just not think about him every minute of everyday. She is doing the best she can to forget about him but nothing is helping. Every time she turns her T.V. on a dog commercial or a sad dog movie comes on. There is no way of getting him off her mind.

A year has gone by now, and she is talking to all of her friends again. School has started and she is ready for a great year ahead of her. Mary was walking home one day and saw a helpless puppy, it was one of the cutest things ever alive according to her. She decides to take it home and feed it. She comes up with a good idea, she should ask her mother is she can keep the puppy, “Maybe this will be a fresh start, this is what Spike would have wanted for us” She thinks. She brings the dog in the front door and immediately asks “Can we keep her?!” Her mother is surprised but she says yes because she can see that her daughter is improving.

Mary and the dog were growing old together. The dog went to college with her and when she was old enough to move out, the dog went to live with her. Mary loved that dog to death but no dog will ever have a relationship like her and Spike had. He will always be in her heart and will never ever be forgotten.

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CammyS said...
Nov. 4, 2012 at 9:47 am
I like the plot, but you need to work on your sentence fluency. I had trouble reading because of some grammer problems, but your main problem is sentence fluency. You need to vary your sentece lenght and structure more.
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