Might Have Been

October 26, 2012
By Anonymous

The child goes through life just a day at a time, shes not into planning. She gets that from her mother. When she was little her parents divorced. Going through years and years of fights and judge cases her father wins. As the paper says she gets to see her mother only on supervised visitations. With the space between her parents the fighting didn’t stop, it seemed to worsen with time. She no longer see’s a happy time all she hears now is the fighting from every way see looks.

A family is very important to a small child, but most people do not realize this. The child misses out on so many different things. The family photos she never gets, because she no longer has a full family. Though one day those photos are stored in a dusty attach. The child is still broken inside and no one seems to notice or care.

This seems endless like they are in the middle of a game of tug-a-war and she is the rope. The child being so small keeps quiet not showing how much it tortures her. The police station is quiet as she waits for her mother to show, but eventually she gives up. Now knowing how much she can take. The child no longer cries in front of people, only in her room on a stormy night, when no one can hear the whimpers in her cries.

The girl raises herself, with a little help from her father. She uses everything she had to get through, never knowing what is to come next. She knows that they didn’t mean for this to happen, but it did. Though now she sees how much better she can make herself. This small girl seems strong, but truly she is lost. Lost in a sea of people that tell her right from wrong, but everyone seems to be saying something different. They all try to understand her, but no one can.

In the present day the little child, no longer a child, walks up the attack stairs to the last box with her name on it. She slowly takes it down the small box that no longer mattered to her parents. She sees her baby book; she opens the front page to see two smiling faces looking at each other in awe, with a child being held between them. She looks at it carefully. A tear runs down her face as she wonders what might have been.

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