Silent Plea

October 24, 2012
By Yari_M BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Yari_M BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Silent Plea

Thunder struck the ground echoing through the air. Lightning lit up the sky for just a minute before disappearing, leaving a calm silence behind. Though the silence was quickly interrupted by the small whimpers coming from behind the school as the body of a boy was pushed against a brick wall by no one other than Alex, the town’s bully. Alex brought his fist back delivering a few blows to the face and a few kicks on his abdomen letting out a song of curses. The boy tried not to make any noise but it wasn’t working, the pain was too strong.

Alex was furious with his parents, his supposed ‘friends’, the law, but most importantly himself. His parents treated him like he was invisible something he hated with passion. Most of the time they were out who knows where but when they were home they just stayed clear out of his way. He let his reputation get to his head turning him into someone he swore he’d never be. His ‘friends’ ha promised to always have his back but even he knew those good for nothing losers were only pretending. Oh, lets not forget the police are already looking for him for some crime he committed a few months ago.

Thinking about this things made Alex’s blood boil with fury to the point were he couldn’t hear anything besides the boy’s small whimpers and cries, watching in fascination as the boy’s body grew bloodier each minute. As sick as it may sound, he liked to see him in pain. He wanted him to suffer like never before even if the boy had never done anything to deserve this. He grabbed the boy by the neck lifting him off the ground. Alex planned on slamming the boy against the concrete floor and leaving him there till someone found him, that is if they ever did.

The temperature suddenly dropped making him shiver. He felt like he was swimming in freezing ice water which was weird considering they were in the middle of summer. Alex ignored it clearly wanting to finish and go home when he felt a presence beside him. He slightly panicked thinking he got caught but when he turned his head to see who it was, he gasped. It was him, it was Dominik.

He looked exactly like he had months ago. His long raven black hair covering his right eye, the light ocean blue eyes with the let eyebrow pierced, and the same clothes that oddly enough looked clean. Alex frowned and extended his arm out to touch him. He felt like his mind was playing tricks on him, there was just no way that Dominik was right beside him. He was dead, gone! Right when he was close enough to touch Dominik’s body, his hand just went through. Dominik raised his pierced eyebrow as he watched Alex pull his hand back slowly watching him in horror.

Alex wanted to speak but he couldn’t, there were just no words that could explain how he felt at the moment. He wondered why Dominik was there, he wanted to ask but he couldn’t, what if Dominik did something to him? It seemed like Dominik knew what he was thinking though because he pointed at the boy with his pale bony finger. Alex’s eyes followed the movement and looked at the boy who clearly wanted nothing more than for him to stop and let him go. He knew what Dominik wanted; it was like a silent plea. His eyes widen as he thought back to about six months ago. He was just going to kill the boy the same way he had killed Dominik. He dropped him, making him land with a small thud as Alex stood up straight and backed away slowly. Dominik shot his a small smile of approval and appreciation, glad that he was able to stop Alex from making the same mistake again. Alex decided to just leave the boy with Dominik and leave when he bumped into something, no someone much larger than him.

He turned around slow, his blood turning ice cold as he saw the police officer standing behind him, a pair of handcuffs in his hand. The officer didn’t waste anytime in locking his hands behind his back as he trashed around trying to escape. He was too young to go to jail. He turned back to Dominik who was staring at the boy as he limped away from them. He glared at Dominik’s smirking face as he realized what was happening. “You did this!” He yelled as the officer dragged him to the car. But it was no use.

Dominik was already gone.

The author's comments:
I really hope people think before they act and if they dont, then at least someone is there to stop them before its to late just like the characters in here.

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