Visions Of Us

October 20, 2012
By VianiIdalysxo SILVER, Atlantic City, New Jersey
VianiIdalysxo SILVER, Atlantic City, New Jersey
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"The things you do when no one is looking is what defines you."
"Without bitter, sweet isn't so sweet after all."

I'm closing my eyes right now, words may be spelled incorrectly but my vision is not blind. I see black ask my eye lashes meet my cheekbones, though as they close a vision appears. Dark nothingness turns into orange, red and then you. As you stand still nothing but chest moving up and down as you breathe in and out, your toes covered by a fashionable statement, your pants blue like indigo no no maybe a little lighter, up to where your belly button wants to speak but its trapped by this platted monster in which took over your arms as well, your face smooth desirable micro dots due to puberty although those things I do not see. Your mouth is free minded and licked by a pink snake that comes from within, walking up I spot two wholes on a medium sized nose which of course compliments your features perfectly, your seeing tools, a merry distance from each other covered with long hairs that I'm jealous of, but your forehead how I love it, sheltering a mind of a miracle working and a dream catcher, cause you caught me whether it be your mind or heart that made your eyes wrap around me and yet trapped me into both heart, mind, and hey maybe even your soul. I open my eyes and get a glimpse of reality but it seemed I will never wake up either that or my dreams have come true. Then you whisper I've been having visions of you. I whisper back I've been having them too...

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