A Fatal Fall

October 22, 2012
By Eric Miloser BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Eric Miloser BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Fatal Fall

Lying there on the cold wet ground in the middle of nowhere, I began to look back on the day. Waking up that morning I never would have thought that this could be my last day.
It had started off like any normal day. When I got home, I found my german shepherd waiting for me. She did this everyday, but today she had a different look to her. She had been left at home alone all day, and as a puppy, she was extremely full of energy. I decided that I would take her for a walk through the small mountain range behind my house. It would be about a 2 mile walk to the trail, and then a few miles to lap around it. As we started, I was amazed at her loyalty. She matched every single step I took and followed no matter where I went. I could tell that she would do anything she needed to do to save me, and I would do the same. I decided to change it up, and followed a different path. I was not familiar with it, but I knew it was longer then the path we usually took. This would help drain some of my dog’s extra puppy energy. Little did I know that this decision could cost me my life. After a few miles, the trail split. I did not know which one to take. I stopped for a few moments and thought about it. I chose to go to the right. At first it seemed like a fine choice. The path seemed to climb higher up the mountain then any of the other paths. The terrain seemed to get more difficult with every single step. The rocks that lined the path seemed to loosen and it was very hard to keep my footing. At the top of the mountain, I saw a dark figure flash in front. I stood still in my tracks. The black figure lined the sky line, so I knew it was enormous. In an instant my heart sank. I realized.....It was a black bear. Two small cubs entered from where I had first seen their mother. I knew that female bears are extremely protective of their young, so I slowly backed up, my dog following me. With my eyes glued to the bears, I did not notice the hole on the path. My left leg fell into it and I heard a loud snapping sound, followed by a piercing pain. Knocked off balance, I fell straight off the edge of the hill and through the thick timber. As I was tossed around, it seemed like I attracted every branch and jager bush in the entire world. I felt branches constantly crash against my face and body, rendering me unable to see and knocking the wind out of me. A small tree caught me and stopped my fall. This tree more than likely saved my life. That was the last thing I remembered. When I finally regained consciousness, I found my dog standing over me barking and licking me, trying to wake me. I was dazed and did not know where I was. All I did know for sure was that my leg was shattered. As I looked down, I noticed the blood gushing out of my leg. Once again I passed out, this time from the unbearable sight. Moments later, I woke again thanks to my dog. When I glanced back down at my leg, I saw a bright white shard poking out. It was my bone. I knew that first I had to stop the bleeding, so I ripped off one of my sleeves and used it to make a tourniquet. Then I reached into my pocket to find my phone. It wasn't there. I realized that it must have fallen out of my pocket when I started to roll down the edge of the hill. I knew that the only chance I had to get out was if I found my phone. So I tied to sticks around my leg, making a brace. I looked around and realized that something was missing. My dog. I called for but she never came. I wanted to stay and wait for her but I knew that I would have a better chance if I got help first. So, I started my crawl up the hill and back to the path. It began to pour down rain and I could not get any traction. It seemed that for every inch I made going forward I slid back two more. I was furious but I knew if I stopped I would never make it out. I finally lost my grip and slid all the way back down to where I started. I propped myself up against a tree, and shut my eyes. I knew I couldn't move anymore, the pain was too unbearable. I braced myself for the long night in front me, but I was not sure that I would even survive it. I was just about to give up hope when I heard the greatest sound in the world. My dogs distinct bark, fallowed by shouts. She had ran all they way back, and lead a neighbor to me.

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