Friday Night's Game Time

October 22, 2012
By Anonymous

7th -8th grade it was Wednesday nights, 9th-10th it was Thursday nights… and now its Friday nights for me I’m a varsity player for Pine River. I’m the starting center, and I’m very good when it comes to snapping the ball. Every game up to September 21st, 2012, the games were normal. The game on the 21st though was the armed forces game. Nothing got the blood flowing through my veins like a good game. But the whole game was a giant blur to me besides 1 play, and that’s the day my friend, my quarter back was done for the rest of the season, and possibly his high school sports career.

Last offensive drive before the half 16 seconds left on the clock it was 3rd down and 12 yards for a 1st down. My blood courses through my veins like a race car on a straight away. I feel my heart beat with every breath I take. I call out the huddle. Everyone gathers. Skyler, our quarter back, receives the play from our coach. As he looks at it he calls it out. “250 right, 250 right” we look back up at him as we know the play. He exclaims “on ready on ready…. Ready?”

“BREAK!” everyone shouts. We all run to the line of scrimmage and get set. Its shotgun formation with three receivers on the right and one on the left.

“One, one” Skyler says so that the receivers know were the safety or safeties are at. “Ready!” Skyler said quickly. the clock starts to count down, as I snap the ball. It was yet another good snap. The defensive line was a 4 man line with 2 line backers and a monster backer. I had no one to block so I started to look for blitzes. There was none, so I start looking for team mates that need help I look to my right instinctively. I see my friend Tom got juked by # 32 Austin Greine the kid was a great defensive player. I attempt to pick up Austin but he was too fast. In the meantime Skyler sees James Harvey open for a pass. Skyler attempts to through the ball and gets hit as he does. It was a incomplete pass. I look back to call the huddle and I see Skyler holding his arm I encourage him to get up but he says “ I’m done guys, I broken my collar bone.” We shout for docter Dennis to come get Skyler off the field.

After the game I get on facebook to se if he had posted what happened. Sure enough he had posted what was wrong.

Skyler Nelson

“Guys, it’s not good…. I’m done for the rest of the season and possibly basketball season I have a broken collar bone and a slightly separated shoulder I go back in sometime soon to see if I need surgery.”
All I could think of to say was sorry and I couldn’t sleep that night. It kept running through my mind like a catchy song. One play, one hit, and done by one kid. When I watched the film I came to a conclusion it had been partly my fault. I’m not blaming anyone but all I know I could of done better. I will never blame a team mate for causing an injury. I refuse to do that to my family, my team. It won’t ever be the same on the field without Skyler.

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