Will you carpool with me?

October 22, 2012
By MazyDay BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
MazyDay BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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It was the first day of freshman year. I was ready. Well as ready as I could be. I had my new shoes on, that still smelled like the shoe department. My new jeans that I still had yet to “break in”. Lastly a new t-shirt that I had yet to take the tag off. Not even sure where I got it from either. This is pretty much the outfit that I always wear. Kind of sad, but whatever.

7:15. It was 7:15. That’s the time when I’m supposed to be picked up. You see me and my friends carpool. You know since saving gas and energy is in this year. Your probably wondering who my friends are… BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! That must be Angelicas mom beeping the car horn outside. That car is always interrupting my thoughts. Well as I was about to tell you, I have 3 best friends I carpool with. First is Angelica, pretty much one of the prettiest girls on earth. Popular girl type. Then comes Grace, she’s kind of a goody goody, but we love her anyway. Lastly we have Marie, who despite her sweet name, is one of the most sarcastic chicks alive. BEEEP!

I had finally had enough of their impatience, so I ran outside. Almost broke my neck going down the porch steps. Did I mention I’m kind of clumsy? Pulling my clumsy self together, I hopped into the car. Almost hit my head on the way in.

“Priscilla! Are you okay?!” The girls chorused the minute I got in the car.

“Yeah, just being my good ole clumsy self” I replied.

“Oh thank goodness! I didn’t want to be missing my girl on the first day.” Angelica said tossing her silky blonde hair.

“I can’t be late to school on the first day. Yet you take the time of your life getting out here.’’ Grace mumbled angrily.

I ignored Graces’ last comment and watched as we pulled away from my house. Then I noticed Marie had yet to say something. Which is kind of odd, let me tell you. Finally I saw what was keeping her busy. She had her headphones in her ears listening to some new song.

“Mariee!!! We all shouted at the same time.

I watched as she finally took the ear buds out of her ears. Now let’s just say, she didn’t look happy.

“What do you guys want?!” She asked, and I swear there was steam coming from her ears. No joke.

“Today is the first day and you’re not even talking to us.” Angelica huffed.

“Well. Sorreeey!” Marie grumbled.

I exchanged a look with Grace as the car got awfully quiet. This had been happening a lot over the summer. It really started when we all got our class schedules. None of us had a single class together. It was mostly our own faults though. Everyone had decided to do different things. Perhaps you haven’t really noticed, but we aren’t all that similar.

The car pulled up too the high school, and a huge thing of nerves washed over me. It doesn’t really help that none of the girls were talking either.

“Do you see all those people?” I asked to break the silence.

“Yeah. Kind of scary.” Grace whispered.

“Looks fine to me!” Angelica said smiling. Even I could tell she couldn’t wait to get out of the car.

Marie just sat their quietly. As we all jumped out of the car, I noticed that people looked like they were separated into sections. They looked grouped. A little too organized. I watched in horror as we all got separated into different groups.

“Lets meet up at lunch” I mouthed to them all. As far as I could see, they all nodded.

We were in those groups all but 2 minutes, before everyone got shuffled inside and started going to class. Boy did I have nerves.

My first three classes went okay, I guess. Nothing really happens on the first day. Teachers get names wrong, friends talk about how their summer went and others brag about their new clothes. Some are glad school started. Others could care less. Some things just never change, while other things do.

I walked into the lunch room, and what I saw didn’t make me happy. At all. All of my friends, were at totally separate tables. Like what am I suppose to do? None of them looked like they were going to move. All of them wanted me at their table though. I must have missed an argument or something. Then there’s another problem, the people they are sitting with, sure as heck didn’t want me to sit down near them. I could tell by just the looks on their faces. Those looks were saying, who the heck is that girl over there? I hope she doesn’t sit next to us, and so on. I just finally decided to act like it didn’t bother me, and go sit alone. Even though it defiantly did bother me.

This little schedule continued on for about a month. Silent carpool, getting separated into our own little groups, and finally ignoring each other every time we saw each other in the halls. Sure it wasn’t on purpose; we were all just that busy. After a month or so of this, we stopped the carpooling all together. This sucks because that was the only thing keeping me sane.

Around December, I decided I had enough of this ignoring each other crap. I started calling and leaving voice mails. Saying we all need to hang out. After like 6, everyone finally got the point. Or maybe I was driving them crazy? Who cares? I had finally gotten everyone to agree to a sleep over at Angelica’s place.

At first it was really quiet and awkward. Until I fell off the bed, and they all yelled “Priscilla! Are you okay?!” Just like the first day of school. This made us all crack up like loonies. That broke the tension, and everything turned back to normal. From then on, we kept doing everything together. If the girls got an invitation to something, and we weren’t all invited, they turned it down. Let’s just say, they stopped inviting us real quick.

After Christmas came New Years, and then we all had to go back to school. We still hadn’t started carpooling yet, but everyday we would meet up at the front of school. The first day back, we all refused to get separated into our different groups. Come lunch that day, we all sat together. Nobody stopped us.

“You know what I’ve been thinking guys?” Angelica asked, sitting down with her lunch.
“No, What?” I replied, sitting down next to her.

“I miss our carpooling days” she says looking down.

“Definitely” Mary says eating some pizza.

“Well. I have a question for you guys.” I say nonchalantly.

“What?” Grace says, staring at me.

“Will you carpool with me?” I ask smiling.

“Yea!” They all yelled at the same.

Things were starting to look up again, let me tell you.

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