Help Wanted:Hero

October 21, 2012
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Sometimes it feels like the world is collapsing down on me.Restricting me to where i cant breath but yet I'm still alive.Then when i open my eyes I'm surrounded by nothing but darkness.Like the world is full of nothing but hate anymore that it has become the only thing you can see.Then i wake up and wish that it remains a dream and that if it ever does happen,we have a hero to save us from it.
All this world needs is a hero.A strong,brave person that's devoted to helping and saving the world.Then maybe we wouldn't see the end of days or see nothing but hate.We would be surrounded by heroism and love.A world we actually like to send our kids into.No more worrying about being robed,beaten up or even killed.Then again you would still have some hate.That one person who thinks they can define the laws,get away with anything and cause destruction and chaos.The problem is we know heroes don't exist.That there's no one who can save us all.Then i thought,if we cant save them all at once,why not start with one.

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