I hate the Gray Rainbow

October 19, 2012
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“Did you want to see me?” asked the bearer of auburn locks. She smiled promptly and positioned herself in the empty seat opposite to me. “What’s up?”
I muttered holding a hot cup of mocha with my frozen hands. “I would like to discuss some things.”
“What kind of things?” she inquired pushing her hair back. I could easily see her trying to come up with numerous theories and explanation in the mere seconds I took to even formulate my statement. For a couple of seconds, we stared in each others eyes trying to predict each other's moves. “Well, what is it?”
Oh what could it be? Could it be the fact that you and her were going to have a debate over your rivaling ideas like it was another day at school. Or maybe it was the fact she lost the race for student council president? Maybe it was the fact that I wanted to ask her for the homework or other daily rubbish?
“You really should not let her do this to you. That nonsense is getting annoying,” I finally uttered. I watched her ever glowing face turn into a very puzzled and slightly annoyed display.
“It is not your business, Sam. You should really stop worrying. How is being President going anyway?” she questioned.
“No, do not shift the conversation Lindsey. The fact is, she is giving you a hard time, and it is not your fault. Is it even all she is doing? Tell me. You can trust me. You know that right?” I continued while trying not to look away from her.
“Stop it.”
“Tell me.”
“Stop it!”
“No. I will not stop” I replied. “Do you want some coffee?”
“Sure” she said with a hint of hurt yet standing her ground. “Is that all you wanted to ask?”
“I do not really know,” I said. I got up to order the dame some refreshment. What I have seen before made sense to me now. The girl obviously needs assistance with her situation. Yesterday while I was conversing with someone, somewhere in the proximity of Lindsey in the vast corridors of the over packed school, I noticed something odder going on than usual. While normally her and Rebecca would exchange hateful glance but ignore each other overall, today was majorly different. She bent down to look at Lindsey and started speaking something to her, but sadly I could not catch what. I have never seen Lindsey look like that. Instead of a confident woman I could see a miniature terrified little girl. She gave her a frightening look and stormed out to the opposite direction not to be seen that day. I then fought myself for freezing up like that and not confronting either of them. Great President I am.

“Thank you,” said the girl in question as I passed the cup to her. She put her phone down and decided to switch her attention to the window in which traffic and other madness could be seen. “Rebecca is not really at fault. Do not make this a “thing” Sam. If you really wanted to know I could tell you. It is not such a big deal. And besides that and occasional wrong doing, she does nothing.”

“Tell me then,” I asked.

“Ugh. Okay then. Well it started out last year. Remember I have a single dad. Well he is not so single now. Rebecca says I am ruining her family. That is it. That is all that is going on. Not your business.” she said. She was now more relaxed and secure with her thoughts to plan her next moves. Lindsey had so much practice of getting out of these situations by now. This could not go any smoother.

“Is she hurting you?” I asked. Now a straightforward question like that would be a checkmate.

“Nope” she announced. She got up and started towards the exit.

“Bye” I said. Why did I feel a sense of victory I did not know, but this was still an issue? What if he really is an annoying guy who intrudes into people’s business? No matter, Lindsey would thank me. I would. Thank you, Sam. What if everything is not as complicated? I should probably apologize. I stood up, grabbing my scarf and started chasing after her. It started snowing. “Sorry” I muttered.

“Stop following me, I’ll scream.” she said, turning to me. I stopped.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you really care?” she inquired. “This is the problem. I hate people like you. You but into people’s business to feel holy and self satisfied but never actually help. If something was actually serious what would you do?”

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