The Enemy

October 18, 2012
By TatyannaH BRONZE, Midland, Texas
TatyannaH BRONZE, Midland, Texas
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The Enemy

Maria is a girl in 8th grade, and she is smart, friendly, and pretty. She has lived in Texas since she was born. But now, her mom has told her that she got a job promotion and they are moving to New York City! But so is her worst enemy.

“I can’t believe you’re moving!” Maria’s friend Ashley said. “You’ve lived here your entire life, and now you’re just going to leave me?” Ashley has been Maria’s friend since they were little. They are best friends, neighbors, and practically sisters. While they are talking, they see Sarah, Maria’s worst enemy.

Sarah lives across the street from Maria, and they cannot stand each other. Maria and Sarah are constantly fighting and competing to be the best. They are both smart, pretty, and friendly. Neither one is better than the other, but of course they both think that they are the best. Here comes the wicked witch, Maria thought to herself. “Hey Maria, I hear you’re moving.” Sarah said. “Yes, I am Sarah. Why do you care?” Sarah smiled. “I just thought you might like to know that I’m moving too.” Maria’s mind started racing. What if she’s moving to New York too? Maria thought to herself. There’s no way that can happen though because there are thousands of places in the world and I don’t even know where she’s going to move, right? “Well, you were wrong because I don’t care when or where you’re moving!” Ashley and Maria continued walking down the street, on their way to Maria’s house. Neither one of them spoke a word to Sarah up to the day Maria moved to New York.
1 Week Later

“I can’t believe I’m in New York City!” Maria shouted. Maria and her mom have just arrived at their new home in New York and Maria was super excited. “It’s late and you start your first day at a new school tomorrow, so you should probably get to bed.” Maria’s mom told her.

The next morning, Maria woke up, got ready and headed to the bus stop. So far, my life in New York is starting out great! Maria thought. Little did she know, things were going to get a whole lot worse. “Good morning class!” Maria’s new teacher said. “Today, we have not one, but two new students in our class. So everyone say hello to Maria and Sarah!” Maria’s eyes flashed around the room as fast as lightning until; finally, she spotted Sarah at the back of the class. Maria was a rock and her heart stopped. She had been so glad to be moving, getting away from her problems at school, and most of all, to get away from her worst enemy, Sarah.

I can’t believe this! Maria yelled in her mind. She was so happy to be leaving Texas, and now she finds out that her biggest problem had not gone away but had followed her into what she had hoped would be a new life. Maria told herself, I won’t even talk to her; I’ll just ignore her and pretend she doesn’t even exist. This turned out to be harder than Maria thought. Whenever Sarah would answer a question incorrectly or trip in the hallway, Maria almost couldn’t stop herself from making a rude comment.

On Maria’s second week at school, she had already made friends, she was getting good grades, and she was just as popular here as she was back in Texas. Sara on, on the other hand, was a much different story. She had not made any friends, was passing but not with very good grades, and was nowhere near as popular as she was in Texas.

One day, Maria was going to the lunch line to get her food and she saw Sarah. She was sitting alone at a table in the back of the cafeteria .Maria thought to herself, “I promised I’d just ignore her, but she looks so lonely. I wouldn’t want to be eating lunch by myself.” The school food smelled bad enough as it was, and to eat alone probably made it worse. Maria was as hungry as a horse, so she did something she never thought possible. Maria simply walked over to Sarah’s table, sat down, and said “Hi. Can we start over?” Sarah just nodded and smiled. This is when Maria knew they were no longer enemies. They heard people laughing and talking about Sarah. “Just ignore them,” Maria said. The girls started talking and pretty soon, Maria’s friends sat at the table too. Finally, the stone barrier between them was shattered, the school food started to taste better, and Sarah and Maria had each made a new friend. After lunch, Maria gave Sarah a warm, friendly hug, and told her “I’m so glad we’re friends now.” Sarah and Maria began hanging out more and more, and eventually became best friends.

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