The Shadow

October 18, 2012
As in the regular story it ended as Rainsford, by killing General Zaroff. Also he is stranded on the island by himself. Well, this is going to be a new ending to the story,’’ The Most Dangerous Game.’’ I am going to start off the ending where Zaroff lets Rainsford free to be hunted.

So, Rainsford is going through the woods terrified to death of what is going to happening to him in the next moments of his life. He is thinking of an escape plan on how he will get of this island and back home safely. But that is one of the last things running through his mind he has to stay alive. He has already seen the dogs that will come after him if he tries and runs or escape from the stranded island. So it is around nighttime and he has found a cozy and safe spot to sleep in. Now, it is morning time and not a soul of sound woke Rainsford up he slept like a baby. Now it was time to think of a way to get off this island. A billion thoughts ran through his mind what to do, what to do. Then he thought I can swim to a new island and maybe there will be life on that island and it will help to get him home. But then he looked around him and didn’t see nothing but a horizon with the sun rising above it. So that plan was dropped pretty quick. Then Rainsford heard a foot the size of an elephant step through the leaves between some trees. It was Zaroffs guard he was talking about. So, Rainsford dropped to the ground as quick as a human being could ever drop to the ground. He was one nervous wreck but luckily the guard never saw Rainsford and just kept walking by.
By that time Rainsford knew it was time to react quick. Thoughts in Rainsford head were spinning like a tornado in his head he had no clue what he could do. Then he remembered that a helicopter had been flying over the island that night that he was there. So he had to find a way to get the helicopter’s attention to come and rescue him. He was also thinking that by now Whitney has definitely sent out help to come look for him. Since he did fall off of the boat there had to be someone looking for him, they just couldn’t have forgot about him. But the conflict for Rainsford now was how was he going to get the helicopter’s attention to come save him, without having Zaroff figure out where he is located on the island and kill him. So this is a life or death situation Rainsford is I right now and has no clue what he is going to do. Now Rainsford is starting to feel what animals feel like when they are being hunted like he is right now. Now he will probably hunt a lot differently now.

Now its back to how Rainsford is going to get out of this situation unharmed and return back home safely to his regular life. He was thinking of a good idea when he looked in the distance and saw some people he had never seen before running out to sea. Behind them there were three heinous black dogs that tackled the people to the ground and they were killed. That scared Rainsford even more. Then he saw Zaroff come out of the woods in a distance with a smirk on his face and gathered up the dogs. Rainsford has to react fast.

It was evening and about to be night as he sniffled up a plan. He once read in a book where a guy was stranded on an island and to get off the island he, took a huge arm off of a tree and in the sand by the shore and wrote,’’ HELP ME’’, in huge letters. Then to attract the helicopters he made a huge bonfire out of wood,leaves and pine straw to make to smoke up in the night sky. But now he had to figure out how to make fire but it wasn’t that hard though because he was in cub scouts for ten years earlier in his life.

Now it is night time and time to use the plan he has came up with. He gathered up all the wood and leaves and started a fire. He had smoke going everywhere and in the sand he had wrote ‘’HELP ME’’, in the sand. Not even an hour later a helicopter flew over him and catches the eye of Rainsfords smoke from the fire. A spotlight shines down on the ‘’help me’’ in the sand and I am waving my arm as fast as the helicopter was spinning and then the helicopter flew away my hopes were gone. In the distance I heard dogs barking and a person yelling and the noises were coming closer, they had found me. So I laid down in a hole with a bunch of leaves in it, that I made my first day out on the hunt, and Zaroff and all five dogs ran right past the hole and didn’t see an inch of my body. I was to scared to come out so Rainsford slept there and next thing I knew it was morning, when I heard to the horn of a boat coming towards the stranded island.

The boat came as closer as it could to the island and waving on the front of it was Whitney and a ladder hanging below the front of the boat. So Rainsford sprinted to the water and swam as fast as Rainsford could to it. When in Rainsford perifial vision Rainsford saw Zaroff and dogs chasing after me but Rainsford could not get caught and Rainsford reached the boat and was safe and could go home.

The boat was riding away from the island. When Rainsford asked Whitney ,’’How in the world did he had found me out here’’. He said the helicopter found you. So I turned around and saw Zaroff off in the distance with his arms crossed from how ashamed he was and wet dogs climbing out of the water. That was the one thing that put a smile on my face.

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