The Day I Killed Humanity

October 18, 2012
By rulekamdar BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other
rulekamdar BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other
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"People laugh on me because I'm different, I laugh on them because they are all the same"

My mom wasn't at home that day. Dad was off to Surat for some work. I was alone, a perfect time to be with your own self, a perfect time to do what you want, a perfect time to kill time, which I did.

I placed my cell within my palms which managed to be just bigger than the cell. As I started texting, my fingers, which were more familiar with the QWERTY order of alphabets the the ABCD one, allowed my mind to think as they did the work of typing. Mom had prepared lunch for me, but I had to manage my dinner.

Within 5 minutes from the moment when my right hand thumb had pressed the send button, a program for dinner was fixed with my 3 besties at our favourite Dhaba.


As we sat on the red coloured pure plastic chairs on which there were stickers written "100% Virgin plastic" (Though I didn't knew what had chairs to do with virgin plastics!) I noticed that Jaspreet Singh, the proprietor of the Dhaba, whom we called Paaji, had 'recruited' a new waiter among his highly experienced team of waiters. The new waiter was a kid, seemed to be at most 12-13. Paaji was calling him with the name Deepu.

"Hey Deepu" My friend called him.

"Yes Saahebji" It seemed like Deepu hardly had time to speak those two words. Customers on 3 tables were were waiting for him and before we had called him, he moved like a rocket from a table to another, the rocket was over-fueled, it was, or rather he was over-sweating. We ordered him some food.

About 10 minutes later, he served us. He had made a mistake in serving the food, he served a butter chapatii instead of the butter nan that we had ordered.

"I'm complaining to Paaji" Said Samir, my friend.

"Please... He'll cut my wages, I'm very poor, I'll do what I say" He said, He pleaded.

"Okay... Bring 4 lassis, but don't include them in the bill, we're in no mood to pay for them. Said Samir.

The boy pleaded forgiveness, he was pleading to us, he was pleading to our hearts, which were coated with stones that his emotions didn't matter to our it. Finally he agreed reluctantly.

We finished the meal, he hadn't included the amount of the lassis. We paid him Rs. 200, Rs. 196 for bill and Rs. 4 for 4 lassis, as his tip.

Suddenly, Paaji, who knew we had ordered lassis saw the bill and thought that the boy took all the money of those 4 lassis.

"How much did you pay?" Paaji was furious

"Two sixty rupees" We said, fearing that we'll be caught.

Paaji started his assault on the boy by beating him, then by asking him to pay Rs. 64 and lastly he reduced the boy's wages to Rs. 40 a day from Rs. 80 a day threatening him that if he'll leave the job as his wages were reduced, He would be handed over to police.

Actually Paaji was waiting for such an event to occur. He knew we had paid only Rs. 200, but by doing this, he got a labour who would do everything for him at just Rs. 40 a day. He took Rs. 64 less from us, which he took from the boy. Moreover, he was going to save Rs. 40 every month. He seemed to be satisfied with the deal.

4 misers were watching this, 4 selfish guys were watching this, 4 killers of humanity were watching this, I was just one among each of them...

The author's comments:
This is NOT a true story, but this is something imagined by me. I believe that words are the most effective media. This is just a try to create whatever awareness I could.

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