The Big Game

October 17, 2012
By , Midland Texas, TX
The Big Game

Joseph was in the eighth grade. He had just moved to Texas from Miami, and today was the first day of school. In the past, his experiences in school weren't so good. He was very little, so he was a very easy target for a bigger kids. “Get up” his dad yelled from down stairs. “It's time to go, and you don't want your teachers to have a bad impression of you already, do you?” His father wasn't the best, but Joseph felt lucky to have him. His mother and sister had died in a car accident when he was young, so his dad was the only one he had left. His dad didn't make much money, so the two of them lived in a very run down apartment that had fallen walls, and old dusty wooden shelves. The two of them climbed into their 1982 G.M.C, which was rusted on the outside.

When Joseph arrived at school, he was greeted by a group of not so friendly looking kids. “Who's the new looser?”asked Randy, a 300 pound kid who had just gotten back from juvenile hall. “ Let's get him” said someone from Randy's group of thugs. They chased Joseph around the block until they finally caught him and beat him up. Once he collected himself, Joseph headed to his first period with a black eye, and several other injuries. “ Good morning class” his teacher said with a voice of gold. “ We have a new student.” Joseph went through his classes until he got to athletics. The coaches whistle hissed loudly like a pig being squeezed.” Pick it up ladies” he said as the kids ran in the hot weather in their heavy football gear. “ We have a game in three days” said the head coach.

After athletics was lunch. Joseph sat by himself, just like last year. He was eating his school lunch, that smelled like rotten eggs, when he suddenly had an idea. If he could do something great in the football game, he would make himself known.

It was the night of the game, and the starting receiver had gotten hurt. His team was down by a touchdown, and the coach put him in. His feet were lead, but he knew that this was his chance. He was putting his foot down. He had been put down a million times before this day, but it would end here. “ Hut” said the quarter back. Joseph took off at the speed of light. When he reached the end-zone his heart slowed down. This was the deciding moment. If he caught the ball, he would make a name for himself.

When he caught the ball, he gripped the rough leather as if his life depended on it. The ref's lifted their arms to form a T, and that's when he knew that he had scored. The whole crowd roared with excitement. “ Great catch Ramirez” said his coach. His whole team, including Randy, lifted him on their shoulders and carried him back to the bus.

After the game, Joseph's dad greeted him with a smile. “ That was a great catch” said Joseph's father. “ Thanks.” The two of them went and celebrated at Joseph's favorite restaurant. Joseph knew that from that day on that his father's new found respect for Joseph mirrored his new found self respect.

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