October 15, 2012
By smileasifnotomorrow GOLD, Smyrna, Georgia
smileasifnotomorrow GOLD, Smyrna, Georgia
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Insecurity is the demon I have grown to hate. He perceives me as fat and overweight. When in reality I'm too skinny and boney. He perceives me as ugly. When I’m actually not that bad.
Though we really just encourage him without even knowing. When we see someone with no space between their skin and bones, it’s beautiful. Not knowing it’s the effects of bulimia or anorexia. When we see people with fuller lips, it’s amazing. Not knowing it’s the effect of plastic surgery. When we see people with longer hair, it’s pretty. Not knowing it’s the effect of weave.
Demi Lovato, Nicole Scherzinger is two people with eating disorders. Did we really notice though? Honestly when I was little I used to praise Nicole's body. Though today I found out that was the cause of bulimia. So even though we like to think we are on the opposite side of insecurity. Are we really? Why are we changing ourselves to fix our insecurity's? When our insecurity's should change itself to see how beautiful we all really are?

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