The Ridges

October 14, 2012
By AmberSellers BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
AmberSellers BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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It was twenty years ago today that I escaped from The Ridges in Ohio. Athens Mental Health Care. Such a pretty name to mask all of the insanity practically oozing from its subzero concrete walls. I can still remember the blood curdling screams of the patents and the merciless laughter of Doctor Ellis. They were cold hearted serpents sent straight from Lucifer himself crafted in his image.
My parents were no better. They were proclaimed high and mighty Mormons and I was a bit rebellious. I stayed out late, defied their rules, and refused to accept their faith so they sent me to the asylum. They foolishly claimed I was possessed by a demon and left me to suffer in the dark abyss. I will never forget the doctor’s emotionless eyes…
“Wake up you selfish scum” my nurse Morgona screamed as she shook me roughly. “It’s time for your morning treatment.” Her grin stretched from ear to ear showing her putrid rotting teeth.
“Yes ma’am” was all I could manage as I was still restless from yesterday’s savage beatings and brutal treatments. Everyone in The Ridges was subjected to cruel and unusual treatments such as electroshock therapy and lobotomies which murdered numerous amounts of people there. We were their guinea pigs.

Morgona shoved me through a doorway and instructed me to lie on an enormous slab of metal which served as a table. It was as cold as death. The smell of alcohol practically stabbed my nostrils. She strapped me down with leather straps practically shutting off my circulation.

“Doctor Ellis will be right with you Iris.” She slammed the two ton door shut rattling the whole room and knocking a scalpel that was on a metal cart onto the table I was on.

It was only a few centimeters away from my hand so I decided to reach for it. Little did I know that this would be my key to escape. After much struggling I grasped the scalpel and sawed the leather around my wrist in half. I did the same with the rest of the straps and jumped off of the table. I hid behind the same cart that the scalpel fell off of and found a long metal pipe. Doctor Ellis came in only seconds later.

I leaped on his back and pushed him on the ground while plunging the pipe in his cranium. I continued to viciously smash in his skull until he no longer even twitched. This was not enough. I wanted pay back for all the pain the staff put me through. I snatched Doctor Ellis’s keys to all of the other rooms and proceeded to let the other patients out. Most of them went haywire and ran in search for the people who hurt them for all of these years. They wanted to get the sweet taste of revenge.

I saw all of my fellow predators feasting on the demons of the staff. They raped them, beat them, and forced them into a little shock therapy of their own. They were now in charge and they took all advantage of having the upper hand. I just wanted out so I fled into the snow covered world outside. Someone had gotten a hold of a gas can and the hospital was now engulfed in flames. It looked so peaceful from out here. I knew that everything was going to be perfectly fine for all of us now that we were free…

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