October 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Love is just like hunting there is a pray and a predator. For me I was the pray, and only 14 years old. I was falling in love with my boyfriend Vince. We were both freshman when we first met, love at first sight and only at 14. He was my first kiss, he was my first everything. But now I feel stupid because I fell in love to fast and couldn’t get out. At first for the first six or seven months everything was great, you could even say that we were in that honeymoon stage. We spent every moment we could together it was amazing. Then of course I started to miss my friends. Once we started to hang out Vince was not happy… he started to ask me “Why do you need friends when you have me?” when he first said this I thought aww he really does love me, he loves me so much he doesn’t even want to let me go. But looking back now I can see that was my very first mistake. He first hit me on April 6th. I was just messing with his hair like I usually do to make him laugh but this time he didn’t laugh. He just smacked me on the cheek. I started to cry, I could already feel my cheek swelling up and probably turning colors. But I was too afraid to look at my own reflection. After he seen what he had done he told me if I ever told anyone my face wouldn’t be the only thing hurting. I kept my mouth shut! Biggest mistake of all. Only if I had told someone. After that he laid down the “law”: No Friends, No Telling, DO AS I SAY! I was scared out of my mind. He started to hit me on a daily bases juts to get out what had ever happened that day. But he did stop hitting me in the face because he didn’t want people to find out. It went on for another year and a half. Though it finally stopped when I was sleeping. My shirt was showing of my stomach because it had been one of those nights that it was so hot you didn’t even need a blanket. I had accidently left my light on in my room, because I was reading and just dozed off. My mom seen that my light was still on so she came to see if I was asleep so she could shut it off, once she came into my room she noticed the black and blue bruises covering my body. She screamed for my dad and when she was screaming she woke me up. I finally noticed what she was screaming at when I felt cold air wash over my stomach, I looked down and saw what she was looking at. After my dad came rushing in and seen what was wrong he called 911. I got asked a lot of questions that night. But my favorite question of all was who did this? Every time I said all that I could Vince the love of my life. Just by telling everyone who did this to me made me stronger in a way no one can see because truth be told I just saved my own life. So even if I am the pray I can still get away from the most dangerous of things even if I love them.

The author's comments:
Well this is something that is really close to me because I know some people who have been abused.

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on Oct. 13 2012 at 8:36 pm
DevilDancer SILVER, St. Charles, Michigan
9 articles 0 photos 27 comments
Thank you that means alot to me and my friend...I actually wrote this only a couple of days ago because i recentaly found out about how this happend with my friend, before she moved to my school.

on Oct. 13 2012 at 2:38 pm
foreverSmall PLATINUM, Brighton, Michigan
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Very powerful. I am so sorry. 

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