New Girl

October 10, 2012
By Anonymous

She casts her eyes down as the popular girls stride right past her. They didn't even look at her, not even a glance. "What did I do to deserve this?" she mutters to herself as she picks up her bags and drags herself to her next class.

When she gets to class the teacher asks the class, "ok everyone! Please pick a partner to discuss the homework for today and also compare answers." I helplessly watch as all my classmates pair up. Girls are giggling excitingly because they can chat with their friends. Guys are saying, "what up dude!?" as they high five each other. What am I doing you ask? I am standing alone, no friends to giggle with, or even to high five. "Does everyone have a partner?" asks the teacher. I slowly raise my hand and say, "sir, I don't have a partner." Someone in front of me coughs "loser" and laughter fills the room. After two long and agonizing minutes, the teacher finally says,"quiet down class!" he pauses for a minute before continuing, "Sarah, would you like to choose to join one of the groups?" Before I answer my eyes scan the room. Everyone looks at me with their eyes saying, "please don't join us! please!" "No thank you. I'll work by myself." Right after I said that I could see the relief in everyones eyes as they went to work, while I sat at my own desk in the far right corner of the room. Class wasn't so bad after that, kids ignored me and i pretended not to care. The teacher talked about inequalities and other random crap, I just tuned him out thinking, "mom, if you can hear me. Please get me out of here." I think my mom must have heard me because right after I said that, the bell rung.

The author's comments:
This story was inspired by a girl i knew whose mom died of cancer. She just moved from Ohio to Massachusetts and she felt out of place at her new school. Also it's not finished so if you want me to write more, please say so.

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