Chrome Burns

October 10, 2012
By NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
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Picture if you will and dark and misty night in the lower section of San Diego,CA. your driving down the strip and its pitch black outside you can smell the fear in your opponent as he shifts from fist to second. The gas and fumes burning in his eyes, he loses the sight of his goal here and the pure killing feeling of beating and destroying the other driver, under his feet a hundred thousand horses burning around and around waiting to be released in the free world only to be contained in this container of a machine, no light, no sight of an escape until the gasket of a cage opens and releases the pure feeling, the pure monster that is hidden in this prison with its master at the realm of the beast. It plays just waiting to get its rebellion on its master. You make your final turn to the straight shot to the finish line, you leading by a mile theirs no enemy in sight. Or is their? You release the extra kick of nos to feed your beast and give it more power then given credit for. Your feel a slight twinge in the air, you lose control for the moment and you shake it off like its nothing. Then your final shift comes about and it wont move, the monster has struck. Your lights go dim you can't figure out whats going on, your almost sure that everything was running fine before you bet your life. You pledged your life to this chrome monster, put all your life and feeling into it, now you have the chance to become the ultimate master of all machine against a pity opponent, you feel the whiplash and as your memory fades with the lasting power of the machine you feel your life coming down around you, the monster has been treated wrong for the last time. Unleash it and become the chrome and burning your way through till you can see the finish line of all time. Your lights fade, the night is about to end but where you finally end up will never been found, isn't on any road map only the chosen few are permitted to enter, so tell me this do you feel the chrome?

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