The Sun's Gift

October 9, 2012
By Phoenix98 GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
Phoenix98 GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
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The flaming heat from the sun warmed Ivy road. The flowers shined their bright colors into the world and the trees flapped their leaves lightly in the wind. Summer grasped Piller into one of the most hottest heat-waves ever.
There under one of the maple trees, sat a girl. From afar she looked like a ghost. Hardly noticeable at all and pale as snow. Her blond bangs hung over her eyes making closely blind. Her nose smaller than any one's letting people laugh at her helplessly.
Addie just sat there staring at the clear blue sky. She wrapped herself in her rosy pink jacket not caring about the burning heat. Her boots going all the way up to the knees with her jeans covering over them. Digging her face into her knees she started to cry.
Just an hour ago three teenage girls threw her into a lake. Forcing her to walk a mile home soaking wet. Why did they have to bully her? Why couldn't they just leave her alone? She just sat there in school, not walking in the path of anyone. She was hardly noticeable at all. Only when others thought it would be fun to bully her she would be noticed.
The tears started to burn Addie's cheeks as they ran down, causing her to cry even more. All she wanted was to be alone, left behind, forgotten. Never did she expect to not get this wish. Was it so hard to ignore a single person? Was it too hard for them to see a lonely soul and just leave it alone.
"Mom's looking for you," said a harsh voice. "Get inside before I tell her about you ruining your clothes again."
It was her sister, Ana. She hated Addie from the start. Always jealous of Addie's long blond hair when she had brown. For having light green eyes while hers was hazel. But Addie didn't understand that. If Ana wanted her life she could have it.
Addie stood up, letting the sun pour on her skin as she exited the shade. The light shined through her bangs into her eyes; It made her feel alive. the sun always gave her that feeling. its bright light always made her feel like a whole not crumbled little pieces.
As she slugged through the grass to her dull grey house, she turned around and looked at the sun in the distance. At least here she would have a chance to be alone, happy. With the sun setting in the background screaming for a return, she knew she still had hope.

The author's comments:
Many people who are bullied wonder why they put up with it and not give up hope for a better future. They go through that phase and only some conquered it. I asked myself one day what made gives that few hope. I learned that some know that a better life in the future is in store for them then no life at all. When the sun sets, hope is all you have left; and when the sun rises you will see a bright future ahead.

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