The cure

October 9, 2012
By Logan Watters BRONZE, Woodland Park, Colorado
Logan Watters BRONZE, Woodland Park, Colorado
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“Mom, why do I have to shave my head?”

“Because sweetie, it will keep you looking healthy. It’s for the better I promise.”

“Okay, is Dr. Lamborn going to help me not be sick?” questioned Andre.

“Of course, Dr. Lamborn knows all there is to know about being sick. He knows how to help everyone feel better and not be sick, he is like an angle always wanting to help,” she said as they pulled into Saint Jude’s Children Hospital.

As they entered the building they were greeted by a tall slim man wearing a long white jacket with a name tag that read “Dr. Lamborn.” After he greeted Andre and his mother, he took them into his office behind the front desk. He did not sit in his own office chair, but beside Andre. Andre was only six, so the two adults could sit on either side of him and be able to have eye contact.

“Andre, you are a very bright young man with happiness pouring out of your heart. But we are going to have to give you medicine that’s going to make you feel very bad and tired. But, the good news is that you get stay at the hospital with me! You’ll get to have ice cream, candy, and whatever food you want, you will even have your own TV in your room!” explained Doctor Lamborn.

Doctor Lamborn could see the tears wailing up in Mss. Shutt’s eyes, so he asked Andre to retrieve a Lollypop from his assistant. When he left, Lamborn explained to Ms. Shutts that her son has latent bone cancer. He then talked about how he was unsure if the Chemo-Therapy would be able to help because Andre’s cancer was already in the later stages.

Later that night, when Ms. Shutts was up late contemplating her son’s situation, she was startled by an elder man who offered her a deal.

“I will cure your son’s cancer, if you agree to one person dying in return for him,” offered the old man softly.

“Yes! I agree! Anything to save my poor son!” she said viscerally. She was not ambivalent about her choice at all, until the next day.

The next day when the mother and son returned to the hospital, they had learned that Doctor Lamborn had been killed in a car accident when he swerved to avoid an old man in the road. The whole hospital was like a mourning ground, everyone was upset. The mother did not realize how Doctor Lamborn was like a white angel that only served others. After running tests on Andre, other doctors came to the conclusion that Andre’s cancer was a mishap; the machine produced the false data.

Upon returning home, she knew that the old man who caused Lamborn to crash, was the same man whom she made the deal with to save Andre. She then researched the scene like a prosecutor, trying to find every detail about the incident. She found the old man’s name to Jack D. Ripper. She went to the scene of the incident so she could see for herself. When she was investigating it, Jack pulled up in a black Cadillac, that had windows as dark as the air in abandon mine shaft.

“You never said it would be Doctor Lamborn who would be killed! He was an angel!” screamed Ms. Shutt.

“I was unscrupulous about who would be killed; I needed to surreptitiously Lamborn’s soul in order save Andre,” explained Jack. Upon this statement, Ms. Shutt knew she made a deal with the devil, and it was irrevocable.

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