brush with death

October 9, 2012
By baker32 BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
baker32 BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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Brush with Death
My parents and I were on the way home from a family picnic, but when we got home, the garage was open. My mother and I thought nothing of it until my father noticed that the door was open that lead into the house. At that moment my father dashed into the house after we heard a loud crash from inside.
My mother stayed back and said, “Call the police, quick!!!” I ran on the side of the house and dialed 911.

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“My house is being robbed.”

“Ok. Stay calm and tell me your address.”

“My location is 7563 Summed Drive.”

“Ok officers should be on seen in a few minutes. Stay calm and I will stay on the phone with you until police men get there.”

At that moment I heard the gun shots. I slammed the phone shut and sprinted inside. When I go inside, I saw the robber run out the back door. I got there and all I saw was a shadow maneuvering through the woods. I turned around and seen the police calling in the medical team already at my house. As I heard the screams of my parents I knew what I had to do to get revenge on, my parent’s killer.

I spent the night with my father; he was a big man about 6 feet 2 and 190 and built like a pro football player. My mom and I were more alike she was about 5 foot 7 and 150. I was like 5 foot 9 142, I played basketball on the freshmen basketball team for my school, I was a good wrestler and liked to run track.

While I was at the hospital with my father who had been shot in the shoulder and below the heart, the doctor told me it was just a matter of time before he died. My mother she passed away in the ambulance. She had been shot in the chest twice. The room my father was staying in had been guarded by police men, until my grandparent’s show up. I was talking to the police man and then I said,

“I need to use to restroom.”

“Ok I will come with you.”

“No I need time alone.”

“Ok I understand but make it quick.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

The officer lets me go but I didn’t go to the restroom. I went out the front door and ran to my house. It was only like a 15 minute drive but it was like a 2 and a half hour walk. By the time I got home it was dark and when the porch light came on I jumped a little. I walk up the stairs and feel my legs dragging from the exhaustion. I went into my room and fell straight to sleep.

Suddenly I hear a crash outside I jumped out of my bed. Grabbed the first flashlight I saw, and ran in the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife I could have possibly found. I walk slowly to the front door, creped around the corner, but I only seen a few animals running back into the woods. I signed in relief. I put the flashlight up and put the kitchen knife back in its place. But then as I walked back up the stairs to my room I see a figure appear at the top of the staircase. He comes sprinting at me and I turn and run just in enough time to back it to my parent’s room a d lock the door. I call the police and prop the dresser against the door.

“This is 911 operators how I may help you.”

“There is someone at my house trying to kill me.”

“Ok stay calm and tell me your location.”

“I am at, 7563 Summed Drive.”

“Ok, police officers are on the way.”

I slammed the phone back down and hide under the bed. I heard sirens in the distance. As the person behind that door had been frantically trying to beat it down, I looked down and felt my heart drop as I saw to puddles of blood from earlier that day. Finally the beating on the door stopped and about a minute later a note slipped under the door, and then I saw the police cars in the front yard. I looked out the back window and scouted the killer running through the woods from the second story window of my parent’s room. I heard the door break down stairs from the police breaking in. the police pulled me out of the room and took me to the hospital to be checked out. I kept the note in my hand and didn’t tell the police about it, and snuck out of the hospital.

I walk slowly to the address on the note. It said “4691 Amber Street”. I had noticed the address I think I was from the warehouse that I walk by everyday back and forth from school. When I got their there was one light on and a man pacing back and forth in it. I stopped and started to look for the note and then I and the man pacing back and forth, our eyes met at a gaze and we kind of looked at each other for a minute. Then instantly he came racing at me I turned to run but then it felt like I got hit with a rock. Then I turned around and seen the gun being pressed on my forehead. The barrel of the gun held me hostage until I heard “POW” and the killer dropped and then I seen the police cars coming towards me. The officer that was guarding me at the hospital dropped the not in my lap and walked away without saying a word. (975)

The author's comments:
htis is a story abouit a teenagwer that trys to get revange on his parents killer

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