"When he said Forever and ever amen"(:

October 9, 2012
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I often miss the second grade me... that little girls dreams had NO barriers. Her heart was full and unbroken.<3 She thought that one day she'd live in a big white house with a picket fence and a dog named Bo. She'd have four kids and the perfect husband.She came to find out that in this life everything is about sex and money... Who has the most and who gets it first. Disappointment killed her inside. She became someone she hated, you could have confused her with the devil himself. She cut. She burned. She accepted abuse, not only physical but mental as well. They thought she was crazy. Every time someone left her they helped prove her theory: She was scary, she pushed people away. Everyone always left. Until one day... she found the one who would stay. She didn't expect it. It happened purely on accident. He was perfect, everything... from the dimples in his cheeks to every last brown curl on his head. He loved her for who she was. They had it all... she soon realized that she had to stop all that she was doing. The scars on her wrist and the burns on her stomach would take many months to heal. Every night he kissed them and said "Everything will be alright." She had the love she'd always wanted. She was madly in love with him... She'd never leave.

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