October 7, 2012
There was once a girl who believed she could fly. Every morning, she would wake with the sun and watch it rise through the city smog, and close her eyes. Every time she did that, for a second, and only a second, she flew.

Every year she aged, it got harder for her to fly. When she was older, she was all alone but in a way, never. Every morning she woke in a different bed, with a different man. And every morning she would wake with the sun. She would leave though, and never look to the sky. Her bathroom was where she flew.

One day, though, things changed. She woke every morning in an apartment rented to her, while she attended community college. In those days, she flew in the library. Then she met Tom. She flew every time she saw him. Tom never flew with her, though. Some nights, after work he would hurt her. At one day she could no longer fly. He had cut her wings.

There was once a girl who believed she could fly again. So she opened her window. She jumped. And she flew.

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