I Don't Want It To Change

October 6, 2012
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I want to read something happy. The hurt in my heart won't go away and all I can find is more unhappiness in this world. Why?

I remember when I was younger almost everything was happy; other than when I was cranky because I was sleepy or someone took my toy. I remember when everyone was super nice and no one made perverted jokes. Everything was pure and happy and no one thought there was anything wrong with saying "that's what she said". I remember when it was okay to ask questions and when it was okay to not know everything. I remember when it was okay to have messy hair and when you didn't have to worry about a bra or what anyone thought. I remember when I could hide behind my mom's leg when I was scared. I remember when it was okay live in daydreams. Why did it change?

Everyone said to dream big, why are they screaming at me to get my head out of the clouds? Everyone said to enjoy being a kid, why are they all angrily telling me to grow up? Everyone told me to say what I feel, why do they only tell me to shut up now?

Did I do something bad? I don't understand. Why did everyone get so perverted? Why did everyone get so angry? When did everyone start hurting so much? When did it get so dark?

I just want to know there's hope out there somewhere. What happened?

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