Student Council War

October 3, 2012
“Student Council elections will be starting this week,” Mr. Cross announced standing in front of the classroom. My face brightened and I listened intently. This is the only reason why I put up with middle school drama, for this is the very moment I strive for.

“If you wish to run for office, please come up to my desk after class and pick up a sign-up sheet,” Mr. Cross finished. The last bell rang and the class filed out of the door in a hurry to go home. I gathered my stuff and walked happily up to Mr. Cross’ desk. He looked up at me with a confused expression, but before he could ask anything I spoke,
“I would like a sign-up sheet for a Student Council position.”

He said nothing more and handed me the paper, I looked at it with much satisfaction. I placed the paper neatly and carefully into my binder. I was about to head off when an annoying chipper voice sounded behind me.
“I’d like also like a sign-up sheet Mr. Cross.”

I looked over my shoulder and saw the “angel” of our school, Suki. It’s not like I hated her but for some reason she and me were always entering competitions together. I don’t even know what I did and either way I never liked losing a challenge. Mr. Cross handed her the sheet and continued to grade his paper not seeing the glares Suki and I where giving each other. She walked pass me purposely bumping into my shoulder, snickering on her way out.
I bottled up my anger and calmly walked out to the buses. I saw my bus,0518, and hopped on, walking to the back of the bus.

“Hey Sacha,” my friend Light greeted casually as I sat down beside him, placing my stuff on my lap. I let out an irritated sigh and began to rub my temples.
“I take it something happened,” Light said amusement lacing his voice
“We have a winner!” I replied with fake excitement
Light chuckled beside me and answered,
“Care to tell me what happened.”
“Little miss “angel” is what happened.”
“What did she do this time?”
“She knows how much I want to win this election so she is purposely entering as well.”
“Oh, I see and that’s why you’re so angry is because you know now that she’s entered you’re going to lose.”

I snapped my head in his direction and glared at him with my dark chocolate orbs. I looked at him closely studying his features to see if he was joking or not. Light had a smirk placed on his lips and amusement twinkled in those hazel eyes of his.
“Humph, as if she could beat me.” I stated stubbornly crossing my arms over my chest and turning my head to look the other way my light colored brown hair swishing behind me.
“Guess we’ll see if you’re right by the end of next week.”

We were dropped off at our appropriate bus stops and headed home. I hurried home, all too excited to fill out my sign-up sheet. Opening my front door, I quickly ran up to my room unloading my school supplies. I shoved the useless and unimportant stuff in the corner of my room and pulled out the sign-up sheet holding it in the air as if I was holding a winner lottery ticket. Pulling out a pencil from the cabinet draw I started to fill in the basic required information. I stopped at the part where it said “Write an essay about why you should be chosen to be a part of the Student Council”. I tapped my pencil on the edge of my desk, thinking of a flawless and convincing essay.

The creaking noise of my chair filled the room as I titled backward, looking up at the ceiling. ‘What to write, what to write, what to write…’ the question rung through my head and suddenly a light bulb went off. My mind formed an excellent essay in my mind now all I had to do is write it. I wrote furiously, not wanting to waste any time or take any risk of losing the idea. When I was done I let out an exhausted sigh and looked over my work.
“Perfect,” I mumbled placing it neatly back into my binder again. Afterwards I went to sleep and set my mind to prepare for the next week of pure competing.

Thefollowwing days Suki and I promoted ourselves and earned voters. Suki would flip her black ebony hair and smile her oh so famous smile and then proceed to gain more voters. While I made posters, stickers, and buttons. We both had an equal amount of voters on our side, Suki’s having all the popular, and the fit in’s and my voters being the geeks and people who actually show they have a heart. Tomorrow Suki and I would present our final promotional speeches and then everyone would vote. I had already planned my whole speech out going over it many times. I would prove that even if I’m not the prettiest or most popular girl I can still win.

“For President Suki Kiryuu will go and will befollowwed by Sacha Michaelis and then…” I tuned out whatever the announce was saying after that seeing it didn’t concern me. I ran over my speech in my head and tried to tame the butterflies erupting in my stomach. I closed my eyes and concentrated but a muffled noise kept interrupting my efforts to ease myself. Curious Ifollowwed it and my eyes widen in shock.
Suki was kneeling down crying and mumbling something along the lines off “I have to win, I have to win this is the only thing I want to do, please don’t let me mess up.” I stepped back quietly not wanting her to notice me. I walked back over to my original spot and felt a wave of guilt flush over me.
What do I do? Should I let her win or should I purposely crush her dreams? I already knew my answer and knew it was pointless to try and change my decision. The announcer called my name and walked confidently on stage. The light shined down brightly on my face and I squinted my eyes. Letting out a big breath I started my speech,

“Hello fellow students of Braxton Middle School, I was originally here to give you a long and well thought out speech of why rightfully deserve to be your President but I’ve changed my mind,” I sighed and continued “I would like to say that Suki would make a better President than me and should get your votes, I believe she could run this school efficiently and improve our ways basically what I’m trying to say is vote Suki Kiryuu for President.”

The crowd was obviously shocked by this but in the end clapped loudly as I walked off the stage. I leaned against a wall and close my eyes already regretting my choice.
“Sacha why did you do that?” came the unmistakable voice of Suki

I opened my eyes and looked at her with an expressionless face. I knew she would get all defensive if I said I saw her crying and decided to give another response.
“You really wanted to be President, right? Or should I go back out there and take back everything I said.”
“No that’s not what I meant I was just curious I know how much you wanted this as well.”
“Don’t worry, at least you’ll be President and think I can trust you to do a good job.”
I smiled softly at her and saw her expression brighten. I liked it better when she smiled then hearing her sobs. After all the speeches were done the votes were tallied up. Suki and I waited on stage as the announcer got ready to announce the results.
“Student Council President is…” he paused dramatically and I rolled my eyes at the suspense he was creating. His eyes widen in shocked and he finally read the results.
“The school has decided to have two Presidents this year! Suki Kiryuu and Sacha Michaelis will both be your Presidents this year!”
This time it was my turn to be shocked, I stood there mouth open in surprise. The crowd cheered loudly. Suki looked at me smiled happily and at the moment I realized that I wouldn’t have really minded if Suki had won the election instead of us getting a tie.

Afterwards school ended and we all got on the buses to head home. I took my usual spot next to Light and readied myself to hear his teasing about my “touching” speech.
“Well, aren’t you going to say anything?” I asked annoyed
“What exactly would I be saying?”
“You know about how I was going to let Suki win and that I was ready to lose.”
“No I don’t think I will.”
“Huh? Why not?”
“Must you question my kindness.”
“Yes, it’s strange not getting teased by you.”
He let out a sigh and responded,
“What you did was very nice and I don’t see any reason to tease you for being nice.”
“I get it, thanks I guess.”
“Now what? Are you and Suki going to be like best friends now?”
I thought about it and let a gentle smile play onto my lips. “No, not best friends just two people who are passionate about the same thing.”

I don’t think Suki and me could ever be best friends like Light thought but we definitely won’t be enemies anymore. Suki may seem all confident and mean but really she’s just like the rest of us even if she doesn’t show it all the time. I know for sure we’ll make great co. workers and with that thought in mind the buses drove us off home.

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