October 3, 2012
By Caty Matchett BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
Caty Matchett BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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“Listen up class.” Mrs. Pennington raised her voice over the pack of animals. “This is Hannah. She’s from Canada.”

Sarah smiled and waved as Hannah took the nearest empty seat next to her.

“Everyone start on your class work. Hannah, I’m sure Sarah will be delighted to help you.”

Look at her, laughing at all of Sarah’s jokes. Why couldn’t I be gorgeous and friendly like Sarah? Hannah rambled about shoes and how great Canada is. It made me sick watching them act like best friends. This happened every time a new student came. This time was different.

Finally it was time to go. Sarah and Hannah walked out together. I followed.
“Hey Sarah.” I hesitated. “Do you want to come to my place tonight or yours?”

“We can go to my house. That way all three of us can hangout?” She offered in that cheerful tone of voice of hers.

“Okay.” I walked away trying to hide my anger. I had this burst of anger. Angry at Hannah for taking my friend and making me feel replaced.

Sarah and I were best friends since we were babies. Our moms met in birthing classes when both our dads decided not to show up. They made it a regular routine and became good friends. Everything changed when Sarah’s mom died. I tried to be there for her but she would push me away. She would tell me I have nothing to worry about but everyone knew that wasn’t true.

It was already 7:04 and I had told Sarah I’d be there at 7. I figured a couple more minutes away from that Canuck wouldn’t hurt. As I pulled into Sarah’s long driveway, I arrived at the exact same time as Hannah. We walked toward the red tinted door. The hot Georgian sun beat against our faces forcing the sweat out. Hannah rang the doorbell; I ignored her and walked inside.

“Hey, Dad.” I looked at Hannah with a laugh waiting for her to consider me as funny as Sarah.

“Hey, Kaylee. Sarah’s upstairs waiting for you guys.” He responded.

We ran up the tall, tan, wooden stairs. Hannah’s jaw had dropped to the floor and back.

“Oh my gosh. Your house is amazing, Sarah.” Hannah gasped.

“Thanks.” Sarah chucked like she hadn’t heard that before.

In the middle of watching a movie Hannah had left to go the restroom. A few minutes after she had left, I went to Sarah’s room to get another movie. Hannah was NOT in the restroom. She had been in Sarah’s room going through her purse! I knew from the minute she walked into English class she was not trustworthy.

My blood boiled. I wanted to run and scream about what I had just witnessed. She was putting on an act for everyone just to get what she wanted. I had to tell Sarah, I had to make her believe me. Thoughts were racing through my mind while I was tripping over my feet. Think, think, think! What do I do? What do I say?

I started packing.

“Hey Sarah, I think I’m going to head home. I’m not feeling very well.” I lied right to her face. Did this make me a terrible friend?

“Okay… I hope you feel better.” She looked confused and disappointed.

I bolted for the door.

“Mom?” I yelled as I walked in the dark, quiet house.

“I’m out here honey. Why are you home so early?” she hollered from the back porch.

Sitting outside, talking, looking at the stars with my mom was the best thing I had done in a while. Talking to her made me realize I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I don’t need to prove to my best friend that I’m her best friend and nobody can replace me. I know that if I told her she would believe me. That’s why I never spoke of that night again. I never wanted to come close to losing my best friend and telling what I had seen would be setting me up for failure.

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