They're Beautiful

October 5, 2012
By Deziii BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Deziii BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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I entered his house, looking about at the homey interior, the walls painted a light brown, the couch a gentle dark red, and the carpet long, soft and creme. I took in the bronze peacock sitting on a light mahogany table, along with the delicate painting hanging on the wall above a blazing stone fireplace. I reached up my hands to remove my white scarf, not before turning around to look at him. He smiled at me as he took the scarf and helped me out of my coat, hanging them on a light colored coat hanger. Kicking off my shoes, I nodded with a small smile before turning around to walk across the carpet, my socked feet touched the carpet, and I almost felt as if i was walking upon a cloud. With a simple brown turtleneck and boot-cut jeans, I knew I looked like any other average stay at home 30 year old. But this was not the case. I didn't follow my heart. I did my dreams.
My hand glided across the couch, the coarse, yet gentle fabric grazed my fingertips as I looked upon it.

Ours would have been leather.

I heard his voice spoken and I turned around to smile a smile of a shy girl. He offered me a drink, and I couldn't refuse. The man led me into a kitchen of white... a white refrigerator, a white dishwasher, light brown counter tops.

Ours would have been mahogany.

Her voice spoke in welcome, and I watched as her lips touched his cheek, before her curious brown eyes turned to mine. Waist length dark brown hair brushed against my hand as she held me in an embrace, one of long lost friends. I hugged the woman back, closing my very own eyes, her familiar vanilla bean scent bringing back priceless memories of long ago. She let me go, showing me towards a light table, six places set for dinner. I saw my own and took a seat, finding myself staring at the place-mat, the same color red as the couch in the other room. His voice rang as he asked me various questions. About my pent-house. About my business. My millions. Answer after answer, I explained my career to the couple as they took seats directly across the table from me, his arm around her shoulder, pressing her protectively against his chest. The woman, a stay at home mom. The man, a full time working father.

That's how it should have been.

He opened his mouth to ask one more question, before 3 children ran into the room. Surprised, I looked at the couple, both their faces were glowing. The smallest, a girl, looked at me curiously with her father's eyes. I held back a sound of alarm that sounded deep in the back of my throat as I looked her straight in the face. She smiled shyly at me, and turned to ask her parents who I was. I looked at the children, sadness beginning to boil in my stomach.

Ours would have had his eyes, my hair.

Who seemed to be the middle child looked like her mother, dark eyes, dark hair, maybe a tinge lighter. The oldest looked like his father... I could even see the five o clock shadow that he himself wore when he was around the age of fifteen. A wonderful family. It was a perfect family. I watched them greet each other with hugs, the oldest one refused, which made me chuckle lightly to myself.

I stay for dinner and thank the family for the meal. Then I bundle back up and step back out into the cold. As soon as I am back outside, I feel warmth drain from my body, and also my heart. It brought back too many memories.

I turn back to the door, hesitating to ring the doorbell once more. Then I realize that our paths that once had crossed have now gone into absolutely different paths.

Instead of ringing the doorbell, I turn back around, my boots crunching in the snow as I walk away from his house, back towards my destiny.

The author's comments:
Written out of a whim one day. ENJOY.

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