I Will Not Play Your Mind Games

October 4, 2012
I walked through Central Park, reminiscing our times together. So many games you’ve played with me, yet every time we played, you made it seem like I won in the end. Over by that bench we first met. In those grassy areas we had bountiful picnics. On this walking path, we took long walks, looking up at the changing leaves in the fall. Over time I started realizing the games you played with my mind.

You lifted my spirits up when I was down. Yet, when I was down because of you, you didn’t care. You’d spend long nights in the park with me, but some nights you weren’t there. You’d leave me for months at a time, then come back pretending that you were never gone.

The wheels began turning in my head. I think of how you ignore me constantly when you get a boyfriend. Like I was never in your life before, like that boy has been me our whole friendship. Weeks, maybe months later, you’ll come back, wanting me to comfort you, as if he was your one true love or something. And because you came to me and only me, I thought I was your best friend in the whole world that no one could replace, every single time. Now that I see what’s happening, this little game of yours is going to be put to an end. Your games you play with my mind have died in a fire. I will not play your mind games. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

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