October 4, 2012
By afumi BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
afumi BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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You can't be a wise adult until you have been a stupid teenager.


But what they didn’t know is that he wasn’t coming back. He was left for dead.

“ Oh my gosh! Leah! We just got invited to James’ party!” Laquisha yelled down the hallway.

“Girl stop playing,” Leah said.

“I’m not. I’m so serious! Look! Four invitations. One for you, Jaren, Mark and me.”

“Oh my gosh! We’re coming to the top of the food chain! This could be a whole new beginning for me. I will make everyone see who I really am and make them forget I was in the asylum. After the party, hopefully I will no longer be known as the red-headed freak.”

“Um no, Mark, Jaren, and I are going to the top. Your scrawny butt is staying at the bottom! I’m just kidding but yes, girl this is your chance! C’mon, let’s go find Mark and Jaren and give them their invitations.”

“Why does Mark have to be invited?” Leah rolled her eyes and murmured.


“Uh nothing.”

Leah, Laquisha, Mark, and Jaren were all good friends. They attended the same school, went to the mall, and hung out on weekends. Sometimes they would have arguments but they would get over it. They were the best of friends, and always thought they would be. At least that’s what it seemed like…


“Hey Mark, Jaren, look. James invited us to his party. It’s Saturday. We have to go!” said Laquisha.

“What time does it start?” Mark asked.

“It’s from 7 pm – 1 am.”

“Okay, we’ll be there,” Mark said.

“Yeah, we’ll be there,” Jaren, agreed.

“Okay, I’ll see ya’ll later.”

Mark, Jaren, Leah, and Laquisha all go home. The party is tomorrow and they all want to look dashing. Later that night they decide to go to the mall and purchase some new outfits. When they are done shopping, they meet up at the elevator. Everyone except for Leah.

“Guys, where is Leah?” Laquisha asks.

“I thought she was with you,” Jaren says.

“Nope, and she doesn’t have her phone with her. I guess we have to go find her.”

They start walking around the mall and looking in every store. Then Mark sees Leah looking in the Army Knife Store.

“Leah, what are you doing in here?” Mark asks.

“Oh nothing. My dad wanted me to see how much the knives cost,” Leah responded.

“Oh okay, well we are ready to go. Are you ready?”

“Yeah I’m ready, let’s go.”

The next night at James’ party was raged. There was a snack table filled with candy and chips and drinks. Mark, Jaren, and Leah go to get some drinks. When Mark is pouring a drink into his cup, someone bumps into him and he spills his drink all over Leah’s new all white outfit.

“Oh my gosh mark what the heck?” Leah yelled.

“I’m sorry Leah, it was an accident.” Mark apologized.

“What do you mean it was an ACCIDENT? How do you accidentally knock a drink onto somebody when you’re staring right at the drink? Do you know how much this outfit cost? You’re buying me a new one!”

“Uh I said sorry and it’s not that big of a deal. Somebody knocked me into you. I’m not buying you a new outfit. Take it to the dry cleaners. And why would you spend that much on an outfit for one night? It’s not like anybody was going to remember that you were here anyway.”

Drenched in red soda and tears, Leah ran to the bathroom. She felt like a wet mop. She had never been this embarrassed in her life. She never thought one of her closest friends would do such a thing to her. Her night was ruined.

Laquisha hears her cries and walks in the bathroom to try to comfort her and clean her up.

“What happened?” Laquisha asked Leah.

“It was Mark. He spilled his drink on me on purpose! He knew how much this night meant to me. He does anything he can to mess everything up. He just irritates the heck out of me. Sometimes I just want to ball him up like a piece of paper and throw him in the garbage. I’m so sick of him!”

“Oh Leah, I’m sure it was an accident. When Mark messes up stuff it’s not on purpose. He’s not perfect you know? He’s a human being just like the rest of us. We all have our flaws and make mistakes.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever. I know he did this on purpose. And I’ve never met anyone that messes up as much as he does. It’s just ridiculous!”

“Haha. Girl you need to chill. I cleaned you up pretty well. Now let’s get back out there and have some fun!”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Leah and Laquisha go back out to the party and look for Mark and Jaren. They all start dancing to the music. As the night goes on, they decide it’s time to leave. They make plans to go fishing at the creek by Jaren’s house the next day.

The next afternoon, Mark, Jaren, Leah, and Laquisha meet up at the creek around 3 o’clock. While Leah is fishing, she catches a trout and Mark sneaks up behind her and tickles her sides and makes her drop it. Leah starts yelling at him about how he messes everything up and she wishes he would leave her alone. She starts hitting him. Punching him. Smacking him. Mark is trying to not hit her back and then Leah pulls out a knife from her side pocket. Mark starts to slowly back up and starts running but Leah is faster than a lightening bolt, and she catches him. She turns him around and slowly shoves the knife in his chest. The knife starts to pinch his lungs. Blood starts ooozing from his body. Then Leah yanks the knife out and Mark falls to the ground. Leah leaves him there and puts the knife back in her pocket. She walks away and doesn’t look back.

“Where is Mark?” Laquisha and Jaren asked Leah.

“Oh he said he would meet up with us later. He wanted to catch some more fish,” Leah responded.

“Okay well I hope he comes back soon because it’s getting late,” Jaren says.

When the night arrives, Laquisha asks Jaren and Leah if they had heard from Mark. Leah said Mark texted her saying that he was going home because it had gotten so late and that he would see them at school the next day.

Monday arrives and Mark is nowhere to be found. At the end of the day, Laquisha and Leah walked to Leah’s house.

“Have you talked to Mark today?”

“No, he’s probably just sick or something.”

“Well his parents called me and asked where he was. They said they hadn’t herd from him or seen him.”

“Well maybe he just fell asleep at the creek last night and his phone died. He’s probably at home now. His parents just may not know because they’re at work.”

“Okay, I hope that’s the case and that nothing happen to him. It’s not like him to miss school. School means a lot to him.”

“Girl don’t stress over it. I’m sure he will be back tomorrow.”

“Leah, when we were at the creek and you and Mark were fishing, did anything happen?”

“No, why would you ask that?”

“Oh I’m just wondering because y’all have been having your differences lately and you’ve kind of been over reacting to the situations.”

“Laquisha, you know I have my issues.”

“I just need to ask you one more thing. Why did your pants have a blood stain on the pocket if you didn’t catch any fish?”

“Oh um, I scratched myself with the fishing hook and wiped the blood on my pants.”

When Leah and Laquisha reach Leah’s house, they head up to Leah’s room. Laquisha looks in Leah’s closet to see if there’s anything new in there that she wants to borrow. She sees a shoebox. She opens the shoebox and is shocked about what she sees.

“Leah!!!” Laquisha yells.

“What?” Leah responds.

“Why do you have a bloody knife in your shoe box!!!??”

“Umm … because umm…”

“Did you? … No you couldn’t have…”

Leah has a look of guilt and sorrow on her face. Her face was the color of fire and tears roll down her eyes. The guilt started to burn a hole through her heart.

“Oh . . . oh my gosh!! You did!! Leah!! Oh my gosh!!” Laquisha yells.

Laquisha drops the box on the ground. Tears slowly pour from her eyes. She grabs her book bag and runs out the door. She doesn’t know if she should do the right thing and call the police or keep her mouth shut. But she decides to call the police. She can’t believe she’s turning in her best friend for murder. Laquisha always knew Leah was a little crazy, but she never knew that Leah could stoop so low. She wanted to know why? Why would Leah do this? Did she really have that much hate for Mark? Obviously Leah didn’t think about his family when she did this. But now she will have to face jail time for what she has done. Laquisha and Jaren had lost not one, but two best friends.

The author's comments:
my piece was an assignment for english class. hopefully everyone will understand my theme.

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