The Shoes That Ruined My Life

October 4, 2012
By chadstaunton BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
chadstaunton BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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The Shoes That Ruined My Life

Kyle Reese, Kyle Reese, for 7 years I had that name and I haven’t got used to it yet. Before I used to be Kyle Pelwillion, I was once a regular teenager and had a regular life until the accident came, the one thing that ruined my life.
“Please Mom, please!” I begged to Mom.
“No, they cost a lot of money, like 1000 dollars.” she said.
“I’ve really wanted the shoes for a long time, please!” I begged once more.

They are shoes that Michael Jordan wore in the world championship. The shoes, black with red, white, and blue on the outside, made them one of a kind. The gleam in the sunlight was like an angel that has infinite lighting around it.
“I could pay half,” I say.
Mom made a big sigh. “OK!”
“Yeah buddy!” I yelled.
I’ll look like the sun when school comes, HOT for when school comes this fall. At last finally, it was the first day of school. My alarm went off and after I do my morning routine, I put on my $1,000 pair of Jordan’s. The shoes felt smooth and smelt fresh like after you take a shower. They were astounding to look at. I grabbed a pop tart and headed to the bus while shaking uncontrollably.
When I arrived, my best friend Drew Peacock had lockers next to mine. We do are secret handshake and checked our schedules’. We found out we had every class together.
“This year will be awesome!”
“I know, but not as awesome as these 1,000$ shoes.” I said with some brag in my voice.
“Whoa dude I don’t think you should have wore those because we’re going to the skating rink!” Drew said with concern, his eyes grew big.
“So!” I said while collecting my supplies.
We headed over to homeroom. The room was huge, like college classroom, HUGE.
“Welcome to Jason Academy high school, 10th graders, we’re going to the skating rink today,” The teacher talked to us like we were 2nd graders. Everyone cheered.“So I hope you can ROLL with that!” she laughed, snorting wildly. She looked around no one was laughing. That was when it really got awkward. “Ok, let us head to the buses shall we?”
When we approached the Wild Racer Skating Rink, I found Drew and we headed into this big place with a car and roller skates sign on it. The car on the sign was like the car from the movie Speed Racer, red and white stripes. The skates were yellow and were sort of ugly. Drew and I shivered as we entered the door. As we got our skates and sat down, people were staring at my AMAZING shoes. Some kid was even drooling.
I knew something was going to go bad, Drew and I jogged to the arcade and Drew watched my back and as I put my shoes behind one of the least popular arcade game; Battle Star Galactic. The game towered over whoever played the game. Its large frame was wide enough to fit to people to play. We skated for what seemed like hours. I slurped multiple drinks because Drew and I laughed at the falling people.
The most terrible thing happened; the DJ came on the microphone and said that couples skate was going to happen in 5 minutes. I panicked as I darted my head like a chicken to find Rachel Mosley. Who is Rachel Mosley you ask, one of the hottest girls in the school.
When I walked past her sitting next to her boyfriend and they were fighting about a bad topic. I tried to eavesdrop but the music was too loud. The magic started to happen I heard the word break up, and she quickly walked away. Since this right here was my chance to get with Rachel, I summoned enough courage, and I skated close to her.
“Would you like to skate with me Rachel?” I said.
I held out my hand hoping she would grab it.
“Sure.” She said, wiping away the tears from her face.
“Are you ok?” I said, with concern.
“Yeah,” she sniffled. “I just broke up with Harry.”
“Come on lets go, I get your mind off of him.” I chuckled.
I could feel Harry Pitts’s vulture like eyes staring into my back like laser beams. Harry was the high school quarterback and he always dated the head cheerleader. We headed to the skating rink. Suddenly we hear some slow song come on and I took her hand. She looked startled and looked straight into my eyes. Her small frame came up against mine and her blonde hair and blue eyes and sparkled in the disco lights. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Then all of a sudden she skated fast away from me.
“Rachel, I’m sorry!” I yelled.
I headed for the bathroom and took my skates off and threw them as hard as I could into a wall. A crack like a spider web grew and spread against the tacky tile wall.
I took my skates back to the skate clerk. I headed back to Battle Star Galactic. As I reached for my shoes I felt nothing. I panicked even more. All of the sound muted as if I was deaf. People holding hands, scarfing the warm, greasy pizza, people falling and hitting the ground. I looked around the game but I couldn’t find them. I asked somebody. While asking around, I found out that someone that had seen the shoes knows how much they cost. I immediately thought of Drew. I went to find Drew and I found him talking to some of the girls. “Hey dude, can I talk to you for a minute?”
“Sure, be right back ladies.” He said while winking at one of the girls, they giggled and winked back.
“What do you want Kyle? I’m in the middle of talking to some girls, bro.”
“I want my shoes back Drew.”
“Dude, what makes you think that I have your shoes?” he said angrily, his nostrils flaring, his voice growing louder like a growing flame.
“Well, you might want to impress some of the girls’.”
“I don’t even wear your shoe size, dude!” Drew said.
“Let me check your bag!” I said, grabbing his bag. We struggled, but I finally yanked the bag away. Drew I checked inside and they weren’t there.
“I’m sorry dude.” I said disappointingly, my head slouching.
I walked away. As I sat down, I thought for a long time my excuse for what to tell my mom, I rubbed my temples sluggishly. Today, I’ve lost two things: My chances with Rachel and my 1000$ shoes. After we got back from the skating rink, I said goodbye to some friends and headed home. Later that day,
“How was your day?” my Mom said,
“OK.” I said with a lying smile behind my teeth
“Where are your shoes?” she said with concern, her eyes squinting.
My heart started to beat super fast.” It’s in my book bag.” I lied, “I didn’t want to get them dirty.”
“Ok,” She said.
I headed to my room, threw my book bag on the floor and jumped onto my waterbed. My room was about the size of a master bedroom and I had a hot tub in one corner and 56’ television, with PS3 and Xbox, and a guitar and treadmill in the other. I put my hands behind my head and stared at the ceiling. I tried to think of how someone could have found the shoes behind the arcade. I breathed in deeply. Later that week, I came to my room and found that on my computer, someone from chat page sent me a message, it read:
I responded, WHO IS THIS?
A new message appeared, I KNOW YOU, HAA!

I told my mom that I was going to Drew house to figure out the homework for English. When I arrived, I took his secret entrance into his house. I walked into his room and the biggest disappointment I’d ever saw. Drew was sitting there with MY SHOES on and trying them out and taking pictures. His horrid feet in my shoes echoed on his hardwood floor, like a voice in a big, lonely room. I watched him like a lion watching his prey, waiting to strike. I had finally struck. I yelled You thief!”
Drew jumped to the loud noise and had trouble breathing. He clutched his heart like an old man. His hand shriveled, and hid big veins stuck out of his neck and forehead. He fell onto his bed and laid still. Since I specialized in CPR, I felt for a pulse, nothing happened. I stood there in shock at what I had just done. I accidentally killed my best friend. I panicked and ripped the phone off the wall. I heard a crack in the wall. I simply ignored it.
“911, what is your emergency?”
“My best friend is dead!” I yelled.

“Where is he located?” the woman asked.
“4567 Sinep Blvd.!” I hung up the phone.
I didn’t want to go to the slammer. I grabbed my shoes and ran. I quickly escaped through his secret entrance and I heard sirens blaring, just as I breathed in the cool crisp air of the night. The leaves on the ground, could give away my position. I could hear the crunch as I ran through the trees. It was pitch black for 7.p.m like a cloak of darkness. I escaped into the night. (1,625 words)

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