Revengeful Reunion

October 4, 2012
By Brendon Bobie BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
Brendon Bobie BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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A big day approached the Jenkins, a family reunion perhaps, when all the family comes together under the warm sun to celebrate each other for being here. Momma Jenkin was baking all the corn bread and frying chicken while Daddy Jenkin was arranging corn hole and hopscotch outside. Sister Jenkin was in her room putting on makeup and dressing in nice clothes to impress. Walking down the hallways, upstairs, stomping his feet like thunder clouds as he burst into sister’s room like a madman, Brother Jenkin being his immature self yelled, “Hurry up!, It takes you forever to get yo clothes on!”
“Shut up,” snapped back sister, “ Iamma take as long as I like.”
“Whatever,” muttered brother. He went down stairs to the kitchen smelling the sweet corn bread that filled the house with its aroma.
“Ohh, lemme have some of that!’’ Momma slapped his hand away from the bread.
“You know you gotta wait for yo cousins, uncles, aunties, and grandparents for them to be here!” momma said.
“Aww, just a little piece?’’
“No, everyone goin eat at the same time, you gonna wait.”
Suddenly the door bell rang, Brother rushed to the door. The house suddenly got pandemonium. Loud conversations between the old and the new.
Daddy yelled out that every one should walk together in the living room. Sister, now coming down stairs, ran there too. They all sat on the floor, couches, and each other, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.
“I thank the lord for everyone being here and for getting here safely” Daddy said.
“Does anyone want to say anything while everyone is here?”
Brother, being so stupid and immature, comes up.
“Sista be always peeing her bed! Hahaha”
The room was dead quiet for a second, and then everyone started laughing one by one. Sister had a frown on her face. She stood up.
“Shut up, Brother! That ain’t true!” she yelled back.
“Yes it is! The bed even stank the whole room!” brother said, further embarrassing her.
“Brother Philip Jenkin! Stop this now!” Momma yelled. “Get yo little butt to yo room!” Brother walked slowly up the stairs each step.
5 minutes later, momma came in telling brother to apolize to sister when she comes in. She went out and sister came in with a frown on her face.
“Look, I am sorry I told everyone that lie,’’ said brother quietly, “I just wanted to make everyone laugh.”
Sister’s anger took control of her, she punches brother to the shoulder.
“Iamma get you back for dat. And you won’t know when,” she threatened
She walked off slamming the door behind her. Brother, still hurting from her punch, wasn’t scared.
Pshh, what she gonna do, I ain’t afraid of her.
Everyone was playing games outside. Corn hole, Hopscotch, jump rope, the apple challenge, and more. Brother and sister stood as far apart as possible. Brother watched her every move. Minding her own business, Sister talked to her friends. Brother suddenly needed to use the bathroom. He ran to the back porch into the house.
About a minute later, Momma came out.
“Aye yall! My finger licking, sweet food is ready!”
Everybody ran into the house like a herd of sheep.
Sister put napkins and forks down while momma put down plates. Everyone sat down in their chairs and waited for the food to come out. Mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, koolide, and the rest of the food were put down on the huge table. Momma and Daddy started a prayer.
“For what we are about to eat oh lord, we are truly thankful, amen!”
After they finished, everyone started digging in, while brother, is still in the bathroom.
While everyone was eating, sister asked momma to pass the fired chicken. There were only two drum sticks left. She ate the rest, thinking to leave none for his brother. Brother, now coming from the bathroom, gets to the dinning room. He sits down to eat.
“Where is all the fried chicken?”
“Well baby, there is no more”
“That’s because I ate it all!” Sister said loudly. “That’s what you get!”
“Oh no you didn’t!” Said brother in anger.
“Oh yes I did!” Sister said in smirking.
“Iamma get you back.”
“Yea right, whatever,”
Everyone went back to the living room to chill out and talk. Brother, walked around, trying to think of a way to beat sister back before the reunion was over. He thought hard, he remembered there were balloons in the pantry, and the watering hose outside Daddy use to full up the buckets for the apple challenge. Then he came up with an idea. He ran to the pantry to get the balloons, then rushed to the back porch.
About 30 minutes later he came back in and told everybody to go outside to have a special event. Everyone rushed outside. There were two big buckets filled with huge water balloons. Brother told everyone to grab one for themselves. Then, he whispered secrets in everyone ears’ but sister. Brother began.
“Everyone! We are going to have a water balloon fight, I will count off. The driest wins!” Brother said, raising his voice.
“Ok, 3, 2, 1!”
Everyone suddenly started aiming at sister.
“Hey!” sister yelled
Everyone threw their balloons at sister. She fell to the ground drenched with water like a piece of paper. She was screaming on the muddy grass. Brother runs other quickly to her.
“And that’s what you get, Ha!” Brother said in laughter.
“Ok I give,” sister said, slipping in the mud.
“Oh, ok,” Brother said. He gave out his hand to pick her up. Sister took his hand, but pulled it in. He fell into the muddy grass with her.
“Ok, now we even now,” said sister.
“Whatever, haha,”
So remember yall, if revenge wants to get you back, it will!

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