Unruly Child

October 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Onika and her mother, Lola on no account saw eye to eye. They lived in a small town with the name of Winchester Ville where everybody knew everybody. Lola believed she did a good job in raising her children, but they begged to differ. As her children saw it they basically raised themselves. They thought of their mother as selfish and self centered. Mya knew her mother had a problem and she still loved her but she disliked her ways. On the other hand Lola’s other child Onika despised her mother. She felt as if he mother didn’t care about her and she disappointed her on many different occasions. They argued more than necessary over the least important entities. Lola has two kids but you would never know because she looks like and acts like an eighteen year old. Whenever the girls invited friends over their house Lola would always ruin it. Onika and Mya were constantly embarrassed by their mother’s attempt to be young. Lola was a nice looking woman and she attracted a lot of attention from guys everywhere they went, grocery store, park, you name it. She stood five foot six, mixed with Caucasian, African American and Chinese. Her skin appeared the color of coffee with more than enough vanilla cream. Her eyes are hazel and her light brown hair almost touched her butt. She wore nothing but designer clothes. Most of the time when she goes on her shopping sprees it’s her money that she’s spending but a lot of times it’s not. Every other day she has a new guy friend to give her money and other things.
“What are we having for dinner mom?”
“I don’t know fix something for your sister Onika,” Lola said while preparing herself in the mirror.
She rarely cooks anymore, not as much as she used to. I fix dinner most of the time for my sister, Mya and I. I feel like more of a parent than her. Anyway my name is Onika Alaun and my mother is my worst enemy. Everyone says I was always a mean child, I never smiled or laughed. That didn’t change as I got older. Actually it worsened. The only person I really care about is Mya.
“Can I go over my friend’s house,” Onika asked.

“No you need to stay at home and watch your sister, I’m going out tonight,” said Lola.
Another night with my sister it is. It’s not like I have anything against my sister I love her I just hate to be around her so much. After she tells me that I go straight to my room and put my head phones on as loud as they go. The third song ends and my sisters knocking on my door.
“Where did mom go,” Mya asked.
“I don’t know Mya close my door,” I said.
I glanced up at my clock and realized it was midnight. I hopped off of my bed to go check on my sister; her eyes seemed close in the darkness. Then I go downstairs to fix something to eat. Just as I finish my food I hear keys go into the lock at the front door. I quickly cleaned up my mess and tried to make my way upstairs. She makes it in the door before I reached the stairs. She almost falls through the doorway, but of course she doesn’t stand alone. Another guy friend follows after her. She stares at me and I feel her anger pointed at me like a laser. She looks at me like a lion would look at a zebra, that hasn’t eaten all day.
“What the hell are you doing still up, you should be sleep. Go upstairs,” she screams at me.
I rolled my eyes then continued up the steps, slammed my door and locked it. I stand there for a moment breathing heavily; steaming mad. I look for my diary. I’ve written every tragic moment in my life in. I wrote what just happened then fall asleep.
When I got home from school the next day, as soon as I dropped my book bag she started bickering. I didn’t pay much attention to what came out of her mouth exactly but all I heard was gibberish. We have in no way fought before, mostly arguments. But this time it grew serious. She stepped in my face like she wanted to fight me. I didn’t even feel like her daughter at that time. But I grew sick of it I refused to keep letting her screw my life up. She was a terrible mother and I was going to let her know. I never liked her. Not as a mother, not as a person. She just disgusted me. We’ve been going at it for some time now; I guess Mya was sleep because she didn’t even come out of her room. We’re at the top of the stairs. She finally swings at me but I dodge it. I trip over something on the floor and fall onto her. We both stumble but only she falls. She falls down the stairs right on her back. I see her hit her head on almost every step. The loud noise finally wakes up Mya and she comes out.
“What happened” she managed to say with big teary eyes.
“She should have taken better care of us, she was a terrible mother.” My voice grew louder with every word.

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