October 3, 2012
By Trevor jones BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
Trevor jones BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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Trevor Jones
English 91
27th September, 2012

“Austin come on Michael is coming to get you to go to some skate park. If you don’t hurry up you’re not going,” said Austin’s dad.
“Hold your horses dad I’m just putting my shoes on,” said Austin
“I think if you wanna go you’ll stop yelling!”
“I wasn’t yelling!”
“Don’t argue with me. Hey he’s here. Hurry it up.”
Austin marched down the stairs.
“Dad you need to calm down,” said Austin as he ran out the door to meet Michael
Austin really liked his dad since his mother abandoned him at 8. He was practically raised by his father. He loved him but his dad was acting strange today. Well not just today about every Saturday he would randomly leave the house on his bike for about an hour then be back. He always wore the same jacket. It said ‘Outlaws’ on the front of it and had a chopper bike on the back. Austin thought the jacket was kind of cool.
About half an hour in the car later, they pull up at the DC skate factory.
“Oh yeah man DC skate factory,” said Michael
“Ya, gonna pull off some sick stuff today,” said Austin
“Bull bro you can’t pull off anything.”
“Oh really? And what have you pulled off in the last…”Austin stopped. “Wait how old are you?”
“I’m 17 bro thanks for noticing,” commented Michael.
“So what have you pulled off in the last 17 years Michael?”
“About as much as you could pull off in a lifetime.”
Michael and Austin are Skaters looking for some thrill at every moment of their lives. Michael is about 5’9” and skinny. Hey gets in trouble at school every day and really doesn’t care about it. He says he’s going to be skating for life so might as well not care. Austin is 17 and is younger than Michael by a year. Michael is more of the ‘live-life-to-the-fullest’ kinda dudes while Austin is more of the laid back ‘let’s-see-what-happens-next’ kinda guy. Austin is probably a little shorter than Michael and probably skinnier too. He dropped out of high school when he was 16 so he doesn’t have to worry about school. He already has a job at McDonalds as a cashier. Both are very good skaters and would go skating almost every week at the DC skate factory in Dayton Ohio. They were ready for anything but are never expecting what happens next.
“Bet you can’t hit that Halfpipe right there” said Sparky
“Whatever man. Let’s see you do it” said Austin
“Ladies first bro.”
“I know, and that’s why I’m waiting for you.”
Michael and Austin walked up the stairs to the top of the Halfpipe.
“K your up Aust,” said Michael
Austin was second guessing his choice about going up the Halfpipe. It was a good 20 feet up in the air and Austin was afraid of heights.
“I don’t know man,” Austin took a few steps away from the steep ledge “It looks pretty high.”
“Suck it up,” said Michael “Time to fly!”
Michael pushed Austin down the ramp but something went wrong. Austin’s back truck flew off and Austin fell. All 20 feet. He landed with a force like an egg hitting a brick wall. He landed behind a old, worn out, black dumpster.
“Bad time to go dumpster diving Austin, find anything good cause I was looking for a new bar stool to match my other one,” said Michael with a laugh.
“Oww,” yelled Austin
“What’s a matter, did u get a boo boo,” Michael said, trying not to laugh.
“Shut up bro!”
“Hey I’m just joking around bro don’t go off yelling at me!”
“Let’s get out of here, something smells real bad,” said Austin
“I wander if it’s the dumpster,” Michael said with a laugh
“Wait, dude what the f*** is that!” Michael said
“Oh s*** dude!” said Austin back
When Austin fell 20 feet you would expect him to break a bone but something impacted his fall. That something was a body.
“Dude we gotta tell someone about this or something, we can’t just let it lay here,” said Austin
“No, f*** that. That thing’s a dead body. I’m not even gonna get near that thing,” said Michael.
They were both shaking with fear. They were freaked out by the dead body. It was maggot infested. From what was left it looked like an older man. There was a wallet next to it. Austin opened it but the driver’s license was unreadable.
“Dude my dad has this same wallet. Except I think its black not brown,” stated Austin.
The body looked like it was recently dragged there because of the blood trail. Carved into the bodies forehead was a symbol that looked like an “S” inside of an “A”. As Michael looked down the alley he saw a kid run and dart behind a building.
“Get that kid,” said Austin.
They chased the kid for three blocks until they finally caught up with him. They looked closer at the shirt and noticed a red stain on the front of it.
“What do you think you just did?,” said Austin
“What are you talking about,” said the kid
“You know what you did now go report yourself in,” said Michael
“Can someone seriously explain here?”
“Explain the body back there, you know anything about that,” said Austin
“Ok I saw the body and I was running to go get the cops.”
“Oh yeah, well then explain the blood stain on the front of your shirt” said Michael
“I just got done painting Mrs. Bunner’s shed,” the kid hesitated, his eyes were darting around in his head, “She w-wanted me to do it in red paint to match her house.” He was sweating now.
“Very likely story,” said Austin
“Look you guys are crazy. I’m out of here.”
As the kid tried to run away, Austin grabbed his jacket, but it was too late the kid was gone. He ran faster than sound down the alley.
“Dang it,” said Austin “I know he did it!”
“Nothing we can do now but go and skate some more I guess. Act like we didn’t see anything,” said Michael
“Ya, let’s go,” said Austin
As they were walking away, Austin looked down and saw a familiar sign. It was a symbol. A symbol with what looked like an “S” inside of an “A”. Under it read ‘SECRET ASSASIANS’.
“Dude he did it; it’s the same symbol as what was on that guys forehead” stated Austin
“It is,” said Michael in disbelief
They both turned around and sprinted toward the kid. To their advantage the kid looked like he was looking around for something. (Most likely his jacket). They tackled the kid down and called the cops. The cops came by and took the body and the kid who they later stated goes by the name ‘Jerry Ulley’.
About an hour of skating later.

“Alright man I gotta go home for dinner,” said Austin
“Catch ya later bro,” Michael responded
Austin went home but found something unusual. His dad wasn’t sitting in his chair like usual in fact he wasn’t in the house at all. Austin was puzzled. Then the phone rang. He picked it up.
“Hello,” said Austin
“Hello,” said the voice
“Who is this?”
“This is detective Terry Fruiner, I am sorry to say that you father was found dead at DC skate park today. He was murdered by a tall skinny kid by the name of Jerry Ulley; He was in a gang called the secret assassins.”
He paused for a long time letting the ironic detail sink into him. Austin’s father was the man behind who lied dead next to the dumpster.
“He was a felon though he was killed not by accident but revenge,” said the detective
Austin, still in disbelieve, said “w-what do mean revenge!”
“You know how I told you he was in that gang right.”
“Well your father was part of a biker gang called ‘Outlaws’ and they killed the gang leader of the secret assassins. With your dad being the gang leader they-,”
“He was a gang leader!”
“Yes, he led that gang for about 7 years. The death of your father was actually a blessing for us. Your dad killed 14 innocent civilians and 4 secret assassins gang members. Maybe this will put the deaths to a stop.”
“I don’t believe you!”
“Face the facts Austin, it all happened. The fact that you actually found your father’s body was pretty amazing. But, your father did not die from the stabbing in his stomach; He was crushed to death”
“Bull. The man, uh, my father was stabbed!”
“Austin, he was crushed to death. They have already started the autopsy and your father was crushed. I know that this has to be a lot to take in right now but do you have any idea on how your father was crushed?”
It was all coming back to him now. Austin fell on his father from 20 feet up in the air. This could have easily crushed his father. Austin didn’t want to tell the detective that he was the one who killed him. Without Austin falling off the Halfpipe his father would be fine. In the hospital, recovering from the stabbing. Not lying dead behind a dumpster.
“What if someone fell on him? Would that crush him?”
“Could very well have crushed him but it would have had to been a pretty far fall.”
“Well how far of a fall?”
“I’d say that a good 15 foot fall would do it. Well at least crush his lungs.”
Austin was really upset now.
“But there was a blood stain, explain that!”
“If your father was stabbed the blood trail could have been from his blood.”
“What if I could tell you who crushed him? Would that person be charged with murder?”
“Well I’d say that no one would purposely fall some 15 feet and try to land on your father so they could be charged with accidental murder and do around 20 years in jail. Why, do you know who did it?”
Austin was stuck. He knew he killed his father but did not want to do the 20 years in jail. He had to make a choice. Live with the fact that he killed his father and was too scared to say anything or fess up and do the 20 years. This would be a hard choice to make. I mean no one wants to go in jail for 20 years. Austin did the unthinkable, told the untellable. He made the right choice.
“I did it.”
“Did what?”
“I fell on him”
“Look I know your still probably in shock but…”
“Can you hear, I did it!”
“You fell on your father?
Austin went to jail for the 20 years. He still lives with the fact that he killed his dad but is recovering from it. He bought himself a new house as he got out of jail and no has a very nice girlfriend. He and Michael still skate together at DC Skate Park. They have not found another body yet.

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