September 24, 2012
I feel the cool, autumn wind rush by and find a pile of red, brown and golden leaves in the distance as I walk down the familiar, cracked sidewalk. I’ve walked this path many times from school, for the always lively trees surround me and it is pleasant to admire its beauty. I wonder how many people have walked down this same path, and if it means to one of them what it means to me. A place to escape the chaos, the harsh words, the soft whispers behind you in the hallway.

I look forward to coming this way at the end of every day, where the city lights are far enough away to see the stars. Stars are such funny things, everyone wants to be one. They shine and glisten at night but every star burns out and surely is forgotten after another has replaced it. Yet everyone wants to be a star. There are millions of them, and they all look the same. So why is it so bad to be different? It’s funny, because the biggest and the brightest of stars are the ones that hurt your eyes.

People both young and old wish upon a star; even look up to them every night. They all wish for different things, like wealth, fame, or to just fit in. Then I think of when we all sang “… how I wonder what you are,” and money and what was “cool” wasn’t important. Maybe one day we will go back to that. But that’s another funny thing about stars, no matter how fast the world moves, they all stay in the same place.

I wonder how many people are looking at the stars right now, maybe wondering the same things as me. I like to think that, then I’m not so alone- or different. But are any of us really different? Stars all have a purpose and are all born to shine. We are all stars, each ready to glow. That’s a funny thing about stars, some don’t burn as bright as others. Yet, people still see these little stars. They walk down a sidewalk and gaze at the open sky, wondering and thinking; realizing they have a purpose- we all have a purpose.

I like the stars that you can see during the daylight, right before the night comes. Why you ask? Simply because these stars are not afraid to be seen- even when they are not shining.

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