On The Court

September 23, 2012
By Anonymous

On The Court

The clock was ticking down 5..4..3. He’s at half court. 2. He takes the shot.1.RINGGG!
Markeece had scored the tie breaking point. Jenison has beat Rockford 103-101. Markeece has been playing basketball since he could remember. At the first day of tryouts, freshman year, he walked onto with the court seeing that all eyes were on him. The intensity was so high in on the court, it was like climbing Mount Everest. By the time try-outs were done for the day, the room was filled with sweat and tears from all the other teammates, except Markeece. He was ready to do more. Nothing could stop him from the glory he has always dreamed of. He could taste the gatorade he’d drink in the Friday night games.

By the end of the week, the gym had the stench of sweat and dirty socks. The sweat had made permanent puddles on the floor. Red faces filled the gym. Every person in try-outs was ready. Ready to put on those green and white uniforms they had seen time and time before. He had worked so hard for this, his dream couldn’t stop now.
“Coach put up the roster!” yelled a boy on the other side of the gym.

Markeece charged toward the bulletin board, awaiting his destiny. From a far there seemed to be so few names on the list. He scanned the paper until he saw Markeece at the very bottom. He had made the varsity team as a freshman. Only one person had done this before.
“Congratulations! ” his mother exclaimed, in the middle of a full embrace.

“ Thanks mom,” he said on his way to tell everyone he knew.

The whole rest of his basketball career should hope to feel like this. This was just one step on the road to his dream. He had done it!

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