Never Ending

September 30, 2012
She was once told of a love that wasn’t true love. It was false. Its guise was beautiful-all the roses and chocolates a girl could ever want-but slowly it started to crack. The pressure of being in control over took the masque. One fight, two fight, three- and then a sharp snap. Something so thin brittle and fake made suck a loud snap. It startled them. It startled the creator. It startled the helpless, yet infuriated girl. Her fear turned to freedom, which sprang out in glorious pure white wings that sparkled in the moonlit sky.

And in that moment, she smiled.

The first smile anyone seen in months. Her pale blue eyes were flamboyant, and glowing. But she was blinded by the wings. Her love set them a flame, burning them a pitch black. The flames ingluped her hair, but did not burn them black like her once pure white wings. Her floor length almond hair was turned by the fire to a flaming red. The girl screamed, and fled the Garden of Eden. She promised herself she would never go back. From that day on, the girl was a different person.


One thing Techia hated. It reminded herself that she was a monster. And the rain didn’t help. ‘Someone is crying for me’ she used to think when she saw rainfall. It made her feel like they care-whoever they were. But now she thinks nothing of it. She was not the little girl she once was. Something made her stronger…evil. The fire red hair she had braided up was beginning to fall and curly up. Her stomach tightens and yearned for something. Something she promised she would never take in. Something she can never give back. But she needed that something more than ever now. She tried to call out to her brother, Alex, but this was a new area she knew nothing of. Santa Clara Valley was mostly grassland and forest-where she was lost in now. Everything she ever owned was back at in the city in their studio-including a cell phone. She had no way in contacting Alex, and was wet and cold and alone.
Techia rested against a tree, slowly sliding down. She was getting weak, and fatigued. Her eyes felt heavy and she couldn’t bring herself to get up. She wasn’t dying, but she wasn’t breathing either. She was awake enough to feel a dog lick her and bark. Trying to prey open her eyes slugglishly, she saw a man with a flashlight running towards her. Even through her dead stare, and the pouring rain, she saw how breath taking he was. She wished she could’ve kept her eyes open long enough to witness his beauty up close.
She woke in a warm bed next to a corpulent and fluffly dog. His head went up at the sight of her eyes opening. Techia didn’t realize much at first- she was trying to suppress her hunger still-but she did remember the man from last night. Her eyes went wide and she jumped up. Was this his house? It was utterly beautiful. A fire place was off in the far corner of the room, and white love seat sat in front of it. A lovey balcony was letting in the afternoon sunlight and the opened doors were letting in a light breeze. The room was a neutral color, almost tan but not peachy enough. The bed had pure white comforter and pillows. The bedframe was a light cherry wood matching every other piece of furniture in color and design.
On the light cherry wood night stand was two plates of food. One was wiped cleaned and the other had eggs and spinach, two pieces of wheat toast, a glass of orange juice, and some grape jam. Techia couldn’t hold herself back. She shoveled the food down and drank the orange juice as if it would run away in fear of her. The humongous dog barked and startled her. It ran towards the door that was five or six feet in front of the bed. Before she could react the door opened and a man in a towel came out. We locked eyes and held each other’s gaze for a moment.
His brown hair was wet and the water beads ran down his bare chest that was rippled perfectly. His pale pink lips turn up at the corners, and his chocolate eyes sparkled. Techia couldn’t help but smile back at this glorious creature. He held the blue towel with one hand as the other fell from the door knob he was holding. The dog jumped around at his feet, but it did not affect their studying of each other. Techia realized how she must look-messy bed head, and sleep in the corners of her eyes-she slyly looked down at the white comforter and bit her pink lip. She flushed and grabbed her hair and put it back out of her face, playing with it afterwards so it wasn’t obvious she was self-conscious about her apparel. But it was to him.
His smile widened and he broke their study. “Good Morning” he closed the bathroom door behind him and walked over the balcony door, “I hope you warmed up and enjoyed the food”
Finding the voice she remembered for the day before, she said, “Yes, thank you” and smiled trying not to blush.
He was absolutely perfect. But he was human. It dawned on Techia that she wasn’t human no matter how hard she tried to fit in with them. She was a monster, and no matter how he looks at her with those almond shaped chocolate eyes, he will never love anyone like her.
She frowned. “I should go.” She began to get up from the bed but he stopped her with worried eyes.
“Wait, are you sure you don’t want to wait till your clothes dry? Or take a shower?” his smile started to form on his face again and show his insanely white teeth. “I have a new tooth brushes.”
Techia laughed. “I will love to uses your new tooth brushes.” They both grinned ear to ear.
“What’s your name?” he asked staring at her with a fascination look. He took another clean towel from on top of the dresser and handed it to her.
“Techia. That’s beautiful.” He smiled holding on the towel for a moment more. “I’m Abel.”
She smiled sweetly as he let go of the towel. “Thank you for everything Abel.”

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