September 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Jared’s heart bet like a drum, he could feel his face turning red, his breathing had become a hoarse gasp. Every sound was magnified over and over again until he wouldn’t have been surprised if he could hear the ants as they crawled across the polished wood desk. His furtive glances went past unnoticed, his mind played over every possible scenario, each word, each movement attempting to make a fool proof plan. But as had happened so many times before the moment passed. His breathing calmed, his heart slowed and the red face reverted back to its usual pallid colour.
As the sounds of the chemistry classroom returned to him he realised that Dr Grats was staring at him expectantly, he quickly scanned the board “um damp red litmus paper could be used sir” the upraised eyebrow was all that was needed for Jared to realise his mistake, the derisive answer “yes my third form class worked that out this morning Scott-Jones, what I wanted from you however was the formulae for Potassium Dichromate. It seems Miss Bloomfield’s late arrival distracted you from your work”. The titters that permeated the classroom at his comment were soon put to rest by a single glance from that discerning face. Jared turned a furious beetroot red and looked down at his book. As Dr Grats turned his back to the class Devon gave Jared a pat on the back “it’s alright bro, you’ll work it out”. The class continued with their work until the shrill bell rang out, a siren song that called all of Jared’s classmates to the freedom of interval.
Jared’s problem however plagued him throughout that day, from chemistry to maths, English to history even Miss Hasty’s maths class was infected by the blonde pestilence that was Victoria Blomfield. Every sixteen year old boy thinks that he is invisible to girls of his age, Jared was far more certain then most however, he lacked even the courage to say hello to his personal Aphrodite. Her flowing blond hair and deep enthralling blue eyes made it impossible for him to talk to her, this coupled with an infectious laugh and irresistible smile made her the most attractive and popular girl in school.
Contemplating his own problems Jared had no idea of his surroundings, he was jarred out of his silent deliberation when he stumbled into another body causing them to drop the bundle of papers they were holding and his glasses to fall. A girlish giggle and delicate “I’m so sorry” had Jared kneeling down to collect the papers that had scattered themselves on the floor, a perfectly formed hand reached down at the same time and they brushed hands. An electrical charge shot up his arm, time slowed and he raised his eyes, they made contact with those mesmerising globes. His throat clogged up and the excuses were blown from his mind, unable to sustain eye contact Jared looked down at the stacked Papers in his hand. ‘You’re invited to my sweet 16’.
“Sorry about that wasn’t thinking where I was going, Jared isn’t it? You’re in my chem class”
“Um… yes…with Dr Grats” was all he could force out
“He’s a good teacher isn’t he? Just between us I love chemistry, don’t you?”
The barrage of questions left Jarred stunned
“Well I’ll just take those off you, actually why don’t you keep one. Its tomorrow night at six, you should take those glasses more often you have amazing eyes”
As she floated away Jarred brain began to process what had just happened, not only had Victoria talked to him, she had invited him to her birthday!
The next day Jarred could think of nothing else, the school day seemed to fly past his parents had lent him the car so after an hour of preparation which included four changes of clothing and a vigorous scrubbing Jarred was outside Victoria Bloomfield’s house at five, an hour earlier then the appointed time.
He pulled the inside mirror into a better position and studied his face as he put on and took off his glasses, despite the contacts he was wearing he couldn’t help but feel naked without the bulky rims to hide behind. As he did this for the fourth or fifth time he was startled by a knocking at his window. The vivacious beauty of his dreams was standing outside with a huge grin on her face.
As she opened his door she said
“You know you’re an hour early don’t you?”
“Um…yeah sorry, I can come back later.”
“What are you kidding me I’m so glad, you can help me decorate, come on in I don’t have all day”
The next half an hour was a blur to Jared he followed Victoria inside the house, helped her hang up banners and put up lights, he set up the sound system and mixes fruit punch. Throughout these activities Victoria nattered away and he listened in a divine bliss. He was alone with the girl of his dreams. Nothing could beat that. As the other guests began to arrive Victoria moved from one group to another thanking them for their gifts and telling them to have a good time, Jarred observed her actions from the black leather sofa, he was alone in a desolation of people, a sea stood between himself and his dreams. Dragging at an inner courage he did not know he possessed he stood and made his way towards the angelic goddess. He tapped her shoulder and as she turned he darted in, at first her body went rigid and he was afraid that she would pull away but when he met her gaze something changed, he had put three years of passion and love into that kiss and her body melted in his arms. She gently pushed him away, “you can call me tori”.
Jarred had come full circles, two days ago he was a depressed obsessed bystander watching his crush from a distance, now…well now he was happy.

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