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September 25, 2012
By Perrie BRONZE, Hurst, Texas
Perrie BRONZE, Hurst, Texas
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“Garage sale,” Reads a sign I see jutting out of the hard ground on the side of the road. I slow my walking pace to a stop and stand right in front of the measly sign. It was bending at the corners and the writing was messy and pathetic. I hesitated but followed the directions on the sign just up to street to 400 Stark Lane. It wasn’t far off my normal path that I walked each morning. There were three cars parked outside by the house and only a few people milling around the junk and unwanted things on the tables in the driveway. I made my way over, glancing at the couple who were sitting behind a table watching everyone pick over their things. They were both very young, probably in their mid to late twenties. They should have been happy but their faces showed nothing of the sort, in fact the complete opposite. They were upset, crushed for some reason. But why? The woman caught me staring at her and quickly looked away.
“It’s probably none of my business anyway.” I thought to myself turning to look at what was out for sale. I bent my neck to look over the first table. All the items on the table, every one of them where baby toys. I looked them over then moved on to the next table. Sitting there were baby clothes, baby shoes, cute little baby hats with pink flowers adorned the top of them all neatly lined up still with the tags hanging off and with a sticker reading: NEVER USED In big black cold letters. My head slowly rose and scanned the whole front yard. A pastel pink baby crib sat alone in the grass. NEVER USED. A brightly colored high chair with no marks from baby teeth or scratches from an impatient child was sitting just across from me, perfectly new and NEVER USED. Buckets full of clothes and toys probably sent from excited relatives where neglected in the corners, already picked through by others and also NEVER USED. I then looked back to the couple. Both so young, I now knew why looked so upset. They were grieving. The woman’s slouching shoulders and tired eyes showed her pain. I saw the redness in her eyes and the weariness in her spirit. The man sat next to her his eyes where glazed over like a protective shield. I could only imagine the pain hiding beneath them. I couldn’t stay there any longer I was developing a sickening feeling in my stomach. I finally picked a purple bear carefully from the mess and brought it to the woman and her husband. I paid for the bear quickly, the woman took my money and then offered me the small amount of change.
“No that’s alright. Thank you.” I said politely declining the change and taking the bear. I started to walk on but stopped.
“I’m sorry.” I said looking straight into the couples eyes.

“Thank you….” The woman replied surprised yet mournful. “I hope the best for you.” She replied. I nodded and continued walking down the street rubbing my growing stomach…

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