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September 20, 2012
By Essenceb6 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
Essenceb6 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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When I went home, there she was. “Emily I invited Sally and her parents over for dinner I hope you don’t mind,” my mom told me. Not only did I have to deal with her at school, but now at home. This was a total nightmare.

Then my mom stated, “Can you keep her company as I set the table, catch up on old times.”

“Sure mom,” I told my mom as I rolled my eyes. I took Sally into my room, trying not to express my anger towards her but I couldn’t help it.

“What the hell are you doing here, like what the hell is your problem? Are you trying to make my life a living hell,” I yelled at her but low enough to where my mother couldn’t hear me.

“Yes, I am, and I can see I am succeeding, you took what was mine, all mines. You knew I liked him back before you guys started dating,” Sally angered.

Suddenly my heart dropped as I felt that I was so very guilty. I did know she liked him, but I couldn’t control myself. All these times I told her, “Oh no, I don’t like him like that.” was a lie. I guess my feeling were growing for him over time just as his were. Then here were, Rodney and I were together.

“I never meant to hurt you Sally, I guess I never noticed that I was starting to like Rodney, even though I told you I didn’t like him. We were best friends, are we really going to let this get in-between our friendship?” I asked Sally. Sally had no words and I didn’t either. What have we let come over us? What happen?

It all started back on my first day of sixth grade. You could sense the unwelcoming of the seventh and eighth graders as my best friends: Sally, Rodney, and I entered the school doors with smiles on our faces. We could smell the stitch of old dirty gym socks as you passed the gym and the smell of an old, antique buildings since this school had been up for over 100 years.

More grins pop onto our faces and Rodney started, “So this is what middle school is like, I can’t wait!” Rodney was soon the jock of the school, playing every sport known to man, even the little games made up by the gym teachers.

Immediately, Sally was seen as a “know it all” nerd after the first class of the day, English. Mrs. Robin, our English teacher, asked our class a difficult question that no one in class knew, but Sally knew it. She rose her hand and busted out speaking long paragraphs with large intellectual word that I didn’t know the meaning to. After that, Sally was called a brainy-act and started to hang with the kids more like her in the math and shcolaitcal clubs. I was seen as beautiful and smart, but funny and outgoing all at the same time. I could hear the whispers for other kids, especially girls, as I walk down the halls to get to my locker.

“Omg I wish I could look like Emily she’s so beautiful,” a cluster of girls would stare as I walked pasted them.

As I walked the down the halls I could hear my name everywhere.

“Hey Emily!”

“Yeah Emily, thats my girl”

“Emily is so hilarious”

“Hey, Emily what you doing this weekend?”

I thought of myself as just plain-old Emily, but surprisingly I was taken as “popular.”As weeks went on, my popularity was getting to my head and my friendships with my best friends were slowly deteriorating. I didn’t enjoy being popular because it wasn’t anything if I couldn’t have my best friend Sally and our friend was slowly fading away when we found different groups of friends to hang with. Thing were so different now between us, but unlike Sally’s and I relationship, Rodney and I were slowly getting closer and growing feelings for each other after we shared our first kiss after one of his junior football games. I think we all wished it was just us three again. Sally later transferred schools, she said to get away from all the drama. By drama, I guess she meant the fact that she got new glasses and everyone started to call her the “UGLY-DUCKIN” plus she was also being called a “know it all” a “nerd” and a “brainy-act.” That’s too much handle.

Middle school had end and it was time for high school. I didn’t talking to Sally much anymore, but Rodney and I were going to attend the same high school. I was glad to rekindle the flame with my middle school buds on the first day. I knew everyone, but one girl who appeared new to the school. She had the prettiest hair and nails. She looked as if she received boob and booty implant and Botox on her face. She wore a pink and black designer dress with what looked like a $300 Juicy Couture purse and some expense heels to match the entire outfit. All the guys were immediately horny of the site of a gorgeous girl, more gorgeous then me and I had to find out who she was.

As days went by I notice that the new girl would “mug me up and down giving me the stank look” Then, she would make sure that she gave a warm hello to Rodney and blow him a kiss. It was Sally. Sally was the new girl! Sally has came back from hiding and was now one of most popular girl in the school. I was told her grandparents passed aways and they received a walt load of cash, which explains how beautiful she became because it wasn’t magic. She no longer had her geeky glasses. She had the best clothes, such as all the $100 Miss Me jeans, very Hollister shirt from the store, and all the Jordan’s. Sally had everything that she could every want, expect that wasn’t enough. Rodney and I were officially dating and I guess when she came back we were enemies because she felt like I “stole her man.” I couldn’t even believe it was her for the first few weeks of high school, I mean I was use to her being “Ugly, but that was not the case anymore. I tired to talk to her when I found out it was her because we lost touch, but she blew be off for some new friends she made. Seeing how beautiful she was, kind of made me somewhat insecure. I hope she wasn’t going after Rodney! I don’t trust it one bit, let the games begin.

Day after day all I could think about was that my ex-best friend is coming after me and trying to take my current-boyfriend. This is a nightmare. I tired to express my feelings to Rodney, but all he would say was, “Bae you making this a big deal, I’m sure Sally isn’t like that she is just friendly.” I understood what Rod was saying, but how do you explain the things she has been doing to me? I’m telling you she is plain evil now! Evil I tell you! Everyday was horrible, having to deal with her and her wanna-be talking stuff about me, when I walked through the halls. The would torment about my hair styles and the way I dressed, thinking that they were better then me. And that was her plan to make my entire school year the worst year of my life. She wanted to see these things get to me and make me upset. She even had a huge party, and purposely didn’t invite me. I was really sick of this girl, and was wishing that she would just leave me and my life alone. I was glad that I could at least be able to go home and not have to see her, or at least that is what I thought. She wanted the best of me, but there is only a certain amount of time you can stay being the bigger person.When I went home that day I was happy that I would just be able to chill in my room and talk to my boyfriend on the phone. When I opened the door I immediately regretted even coming home.

And there we were, sitting in my bedroom arguing over a boy. I miss my friend but I don’t really want to break up with my boyfriend Rodney after all that we have been through. I just want to know how we can fix this. I’m sure Sally and I will never become friends again after what happen, but I will always miss my best friend.

The author's comments:
Never let a boy come between your friendship.

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