Worst Day Ever

September 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Worst Day Ever
I groaned sleepily as I heard my alarm to get up go off. I threw my hand at it, trying to turn off the obnoxious beeping. I yelped as I missed my alarm clock and hit the side table. What a fantastic way to start the day. My throbbing hand searched the side table for the right button, and eventually found it. After I hit the snooze button on my alarm, I rolled over and pulled the thick covers up close, trying to get back to sleep. I heard a pounding on the door.

“Brianna, get up! You’re going to be late!” I heard my older brother yell at me. Why can’t I just be sick today? I rolled out of bed, and stubbed my toe on my dresser, then tripped over the clothes that scattered the floor of my bedroom. Of course. “Brianna! Did you hear me?”

“I’m up, I’m up! And don’t call me Brianna!” I exclaimed back to him. The rest of my morning consisted of my toast burning, my brother spitting his minty toothpaste and spit onto the back of my head, and slipping and falling in the shower, resulting in a giant bump on the back of my head. And this was all before school. Once I got to school, everything just continued to go bad.
I was late for my first hour, which was the third time that quarter, giving me a detention. Again. Third hour, I forgot my homework, which I in turn got yelled at for. The rest of the day just continued to get worse and worse. At lunch, my lunch tray got knocked out of my hand, and then the person that bumped into me just laughed.

“Hello? How about helping me pick it up since it was your fault?” I snapped at him. I didn’t even know the guy. He just smugly laughed some more, and walked away. Grumbling, I crouched down and started cleaning up the mess of alfredo sauce, noodles, and what they called chicken. I then saw a popular girl, who never talks to me, come over and started to help me clean it up. “Thanks,” I said.

“No problem. That guy is a jerk,” she said kindly.

“Really? Didn’t notice,” I replied sarcastically. She laughed coldly, then smiled evilly, dumping the sloppy food on top of my head. I released a scream. Not just at her, but the whole entire day. I no longer cared how many people were staring at me. I just wanted this stupid day to be over.

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