That Girl There

September 24, 2012
See that girl there? The one they all go to, the one everyone loves. She is the one who you have to watch out for. She’s tall and beautiful, who they all want to be like, and so they do, casting aside their true selves to take up a role they do not fit into. Think of it like putting on clothes that don’t fit right; they’re never comfortable.
See that girl there? The one who ignores others who are below her notice, the one who makes lesser beings tremble. She is the queen of the school—fear her. Respect her. It will make these four years that much more tolerable.
See that girl there? The one who smiles, flashing an arc of perfect white teeth, the one who drops her gaze and withdraws into herself at moments when no one looks. She is the one who hides her scars with long-sleeves and a tough bravado. Do not be wary; be sympathetic. Each scar tells a story.
Pay attention now, and do not be so quick to make judgments. They all act as they do for different reasons. She may seem to have a heart of ice, but that is an armor to protect herself from the world. Oh, you see her now? How she walked by so close—I believe she smiled at you. Heed my words now: that’s the truest smile I’ve seen. Maybe she sees something in you. Or maybe she just sees someone who will listen.

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