Broken Wishes

September 24, 2012
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The night was quiet, the sounds of the party far behind the grove of evergreen trees. From time to time, the laughter of the guests drifted upon the breeze, like the sound of gentle waves breaking on a distant shore. The light from far-off candles glimmered brightly through the openings of the glade, as if to sing in unison with their myriad cousins suspended in the heavens. But their light did not warm a body so much as great love did stir a soul. The sounds of company receded, as the cold ushered the visitors in toward the benevolent warmth of the hearth inside the house. Yet still did the candlelight flicker, and whisper with the air as it glided through the snow-topped trees. The scent of pine mingled with the taste of fireplace-smoke, as it spun through the greenery, and danced upon the wind, as it dipped and swept the snow, then twisted round the branches of the slumbering, aging oak. Then I, with tender thoughts in heart, strode silent in the idyllic glen, but for the sound of the thin, fresh show that did yield beneath my feet. The breeze kissed the snow, and shared its cold with the only two left apart from the inviting warmth of the hearth. Even from behind, still did I see an involuntary shudder both from what the wind had told you, and in knowing I was there. I stilled myself behind you, and stood near. You turned your face to me, and a tremor now struck my frame, for certainly your eyes of light were akin to the gentle flame in the candlelight and stars, and as such did sing the same. With my arm I brought you nearer, and bid you rest upon my shoulder. Hot tears did then escape mine eyes, and from my throat a broken sob. My sigh turned to crystal upon the air, and was spirited off by the frigid wind. My frozen visage, now thawed by tears, did then allow me full release of my grief. I lay my face beside your satin locks, and wept disconsolate in my distress.

Oh God! Am I to lose, unto another, that which I hold so dear? For though my heart held fire, lit by her precious eyes, I could not kindle such in her, though through many desperate tries. How could I know that she would melt my hardened armor, only to crush the heart of glass within? I closed my eyes, and wept one last time, over this angelic maid. I took off my antique leather glove, and moved her hair back from her face. With warm fingers did I brush her cheek, in love and care, and remorse deep-set within me. Tears of diamond left her cheeks, and I knew they were not mine. I leaned forward then to kiss her, but she turned her head aside. No further words were needed; to speak would be only folly. Superficial was her love for me, though mine had cut me deep. She drew back from my embrace, and turned away. I watched her leave slowly, and stood doleful in the glen. And the wind was still, though no words did breach my lips. For there are things which so deeply rend the human soul that we dare not shed a single tear, lest our grief overwhelm us, and our hearts cease to beat within.

But when I raised closed eyes to heaven, a silent sound did then escape my lonely world that night.

The cry of a broken heart..

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kitty.mewmew said...
Sept. 26, 2012 at 11:17 pm
Good job!! I loved the details and the story. The images and descriptions were also amazing. ;)
iamGBOX replied...
Sept. 27, 2012 at 5:06 pm
Thanks! :)
kitty.mewmew replied...
Sept. 27, 2012 at 7:48 pm
your welcome! I constantly have a hard time using that much details....... =)
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