First Day Of 8th Grade

September 21, 2012
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On the last day of school during 8th grade, I was so excited when I woke up. I couldn’t wait to go to school because the whole 8th grade was going to Six Flags. When I first found out that we were going to Six Flags the teachers said that we got to do whatever we wanted when we were there. The same day I found out I started planning what I was going to do and who I was going to hangout with. I took a fast shower and put on some clothes. I didn’t care what I was wearing as long as I had a shirt and pants on before I walked out of the door. I walked outside really fast, so that I could get in my car and drive off. When I got to the school everyone was supposed to meet in the gym. When I got into the gym I was one of the first ones there. I waited about 10 minutes by myself and then my friends started showing up. They were all talking about how excited they were, how much money they brought, and what they were going to do. I told my friends that I brought $50 and that I was going to go on every ride. It took a while until everyone showed up, but it was worth the wait because after they did role call we were all headed to the bus. Everyone ran because they wanted to sit in the very back of the bus. I didn’t care where I sat as long as we were going to Six Flags and I was having a fun time. The buses started up and we started to leave the school. It got really loud fast from everyone talking. The bus ride went really fast because Six Flags isn’t that far from the school. We got off the bus and then the fun started.

I saw so many other schools that also decided to go to Six Flags on the last day of school, so we had to wait in a really long before we could get in. It seemed like time was being wasted by waiting to get in, but it was worth that wait. When I got into the park I immediately looked for the first ride to get on so I didn’t have to waste anymore time. I went on a few rides and then it was almost time to go. At first whenever someone told me the time I thought they were joking, but then they showed me their phone. The time most likely went by so fast because I was having fun and the roller coaster rides had such long lines. I realized that I still had the $50 that I brought with me. I was thinking about getting food, but I wasn’t that hungry. I wanted to do something fun besides roller coasters and I ended up finding a cool game called “Stacker” It was a digital arcade game where you had to stack blocks on top of each other in order to win. They had really good prizes like iPod Touch’s. It look easy enough to me so I put in a dollar and started to play. I thought I was going to win, but missed the last block to stack. I was so determined to win an iPod Touch and to impress other people. I ended up spending my whole $50 on this game and ended up not winning anything. I was really mad and I felt stupid for spending that much money on a game, but I had fun so I didn’t worry about it too much. A few minutes later I saw one of the teachers and she told me that we only had 30 minutes left to be at Six Flags and to be at the buses. Before I left I wanted to go on one last ride.

I looked around to try to find a roller coaster that was near me that I could ride. I found a roller coaster and it was called “The Ninja”. I have been on it before and I knew when your riding it, it hurts because you are getting swung around hitting the medal on the roller coaster. I got on the ride and it started. As I predicted it did hurt and it also went through loops and fast turns. I really wanted to get off the ride after a while and when it was almost about to stop I was happy to get off. Right as the ride was going to be over a big ball got onto the track and we were stopped in the middle of the tracks. It was really hot outside and everyone on the ride was thirsty. We were waiting on the ride for about 10 minutes until we got off. I saw the time on a clock that was outside of one of the food places. I had to be at the buses in 10 minutes and I didn’t want them to leave me. I started running back to the buses and made it just in time. The teachers did a head count to make sure everyone was there. When we had everyone we headed back to the school, where our parents picked us up and it was time for summer. Going to Six Flags at the end of 8th grade was one of the most exciting things I’ve done in school.??

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